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  1. Osgoode mailed acceptance package

    What happened when you called and ask? I also firmly accepted Osgoode's offer, but no status has changed on OASIS.
  2. Link is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/499114527141002/
  3. Schools good for health law?

    Is Osgoode also good for health law?
  4. You should start a trend for conversations :)! haha
  5. Thank you I got it!
  6. Osgoode vs Queens- Pls Halp

    It does seem like u know what the pros and cons of each school are. to second the previous comments, it is now up to you to reflect on your values and see where you would find yourself getting a more meaningful education. i personally love bigger cities because more opportunities and i do like having more room to grow, so i'm going to Osgoode
  7. Interesting, thanks!
  8. Why are people asking for last name initials? Is this relevant to responding to offers?
  9. Question for you all who got accepted: So I was offered admission on Monday this week, in the email it says that Osgoode will create an email account for us and further communications will be in that Osgoode email. Is this email info on OLSAS? Or is it sent to us in a separate email? I just haven't got it yet.
  10. Congrats! You should be very proud I have a similar stat to yours too, and I got accepted a few days ago too! And I had self-doubts about whether my LSAT score was "good enough", then I realized the Osgoode does indeed take a holistic approach with evaluating applicants. I do think that life experiences are so important and count so much more than what appears on a single LSAT score!