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  1. UBC vs Dalhousie

    I'd stick with UBC if I were in your position. If you want to live in BC, UBC is an ideal choice. If you want to live in Ontario, either school can get you there. You already have a great background for corporate law and really don't "need" the MBA. Without a clear reason as to why you need/want the extra degree, I don't think having an MBA is worth the additional expense.
  2. I'll second that! UofA and UofC both have good programs. Either school will (almost certainly) get you a job in Calgary if you are personable and have respectable grades. An extra thousand dollars a month while in law school goes a long way.
  3. You definitely have a shot at a few Canadian schools. That said I would still rewrite assuming you are looking to start in 2019. A few to consider are: TRU (uses B3 for GPA) Calgary (uses L2 and is holistic) Alberta (uses L2 including grad school grades) Sask (uses best 2 years from undergrad) Manitoba (I believe drops some courses and may disregard part of your transcript if you ask. I think this is sometimes allowed when a student switches programs or there's a large gap. This may be worth looking into depending on your situation). Lakehead (Not sure how they calculate GPA but your stats might be in the ballpark. They also consider other factors such as a northern/rural connection) Windsor (both single and dual might be an option. Check their website for what they are specifically looking for) Western/Queens (both look primarily at L2 and have mature categories) UNB (They drop up to 25% of your credits from their GPA calculation) Dal (primarily uses L2 if it is better than your CGPA)