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  1. Refused 2018

    With a heavy heart I add myself to this list. Refused yesterday. Mature candidate, undergrad CGPA 3.5ish but better in final years. MA 3.86 CGPA from Mcgill. Strong (enough) french and diverse work experience.
  2. Accepted at McGill 2018

  3. Accepted at McGill 2018

    The admission office informed another applicant (on this forum) that mature students might have to wait until the end of June for an answer.
  4. Refused 2018

    Also gutted to hear this news. But I will say it is helping me prepare for a negative eventuality. Positive vibes to you all
  5. Refused 2018

    Thanks a lot!
  6. Refused 2018

    I'm sorry to hear this But at least you have Laval! Out of curiosity (for those mature students like myself who are still waiting) what were your stats again? And did they offer you any feedback/reason other than a generic email? Thanks a bunch for your insights over these months, and best of luck!
  7. Mature applicants

    I had thought of calling a couple weeks ago, but figured "just wait" would be the response. However, I think it's reasonable to ask if the committee has begun to notify any mature students about their decisions. If the answer is: "No. All applications submitted by mature applications will not be reviewed for another week (or two?)," it would be really nice to know this information.
  8. Mature applicants

    Do you mean extenuating circumstances? Or just a less competitive application? My application didn't include a letter outlining any extenuating circumstances.
  9. Mature applicants

    I'm also a mature candidate, and my application status remains at "Ready for Review." I've been monitoring the "Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist" forums for some time now, and haven't seen a single post by a mature candidate (unless they simply didn't identify themselves as such). I also haven't seen a post indicating that a mature student was called in for an interview. Perhaps they haven't made any decisions on mature applicants as of yet. The Admissions Timeline on the McGill website says that Mature candidates could be called for an interview between April-June, and that most decisions will be made by late May-June. Definitely getting tired of waiting!
  10. Waitlist 2018?

    Would people mind posting their stats/applicant category? Thanks!
  11. Waitlist 2018?

    Are you a CEGEP candidate?
  12. Accepted at McGill 2018

    There's another forum for those who have been refused: "Refused 2018," which does confirm that some refusals have already been issued (looks like only to undergrad applicants, no Mature or CEGEP students have posted there). Obviously these numbers are misleading; if I was refused, I don't think my first move would be to seek out a message board to post to. Nonetheless, very interesting to hear that some people have already been waitlisted. From this forum, it appears that not ONE mature student has gotten an answer yet. Hmm...
  13. Accepted at McGill 2018

    I'm in exactly the same place as you two, waitingonthehorizon and anon2018! The wait is absolutely agonizing. At this point, I just want to know if it's a "NO" so I can move on with my life. I guess we'll all just have to hang in there. I will say I'm happy I'm not completely alone in this! Best of luck on the journey everyone
  14. Waitlist 2018?

    I'm pretty sure if Frankie576 hasn't heard anything yet, no mature students have. I'm also thinking with that sort of competition, it will be a miracle if I do get in lol
  15. Good question re: mature students. I haven't seen anyone post on the "Accepted" board about getting a call for an interview, or about receiving an offer as a mature student. (I'm also one, and anxiously waiting a reply!)