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  1. Elite Extracurriculars

    I've played soccer competitively my whole life, including at the varsity level, and only recently hung up the cleats. Given my own experience, I find this hard to believe. You're telling me that people talk about teams like Fenerbahce and Galatasaray outside the context of the Champions League? It might make sense to know some teams from each major league, but knowledge of each major league itself seems unnecessary.
  2. After joining the Class of 2021 Facebook page, another member of the group who (presumably) has been accepted to Osgoode Hall for the 2018-2019 academic year, sent me a message attempting to solicit paper writing services. The message reads as follows: "I am reaching out to see if you need someone who can help you write your academic essays. I am so-and-so, an experienced academic/custom essay writer. I have written hundreds of papers for many students and consequently helped them meet their academic goals. I would like to know if you would be interested in the service I offer. I can help with term papers, mid term essays, projects, dissertations (my emphasis!!!!), and a host of other academic papers that you might need customized to your specification. I would be glad to discuss my experience and how I can be of help, if you are interested." Now, I'll likely just chalk this up to an incredibly poor business plan (I mean, if you are advertising that you can write dissertations, that speaks for itself), considering the academic standard prospective law school students -including myself- hold themselves to. My intent is not to expose this individual or to invite criticism of their behaviour, though it may be warranted. My intent, rather, is to see if anyone else has received this message, or if this is just some kind of twisted test by the folks at Osgoode to assess my moral convictions.
  3. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    Thanks for the response - as many veterans on this site have noted, this topic has been discussed ad-nauseam. So, perhaps I will just ask one last question: Is - dare I say it again - "prestige" relevant if your intention is to get into academia?
  4. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    I'm not sure I fully understand the sentiments that are commonly expressed on this site, particularly statements like "so-called prestige does not matter" or "rankings do not matter." While I understand the arguments in favour of these claims, I'm not sure that they suffice in showing that rankings or so-called prestige are completely irrelevant. In other words, from my understanding, prestige and rankings mean something, but what that something amounts to, is an open-question.
  5. Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Speechless- Received the email this morning! 3.75 cGPA, 3.9 B3. LSAT 161 Will likely accept, especially if I am admitted to the JD/MA program in Philosophy!