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  1. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Accepted this afternoon. 3.77/4.00 (87 credits) or 3.86/4.00 (74 credits) *depending on where they cutoff my GPA I went to a percentage school so they might have converted my GPA differently 3.85/4.33 (87 credits) = 83% = 3.8/4.0 or 3.95/4.33 (74 credits) = 85% = 4.00/4.00 LSAT: 156 I'm really surprised to hear back this early based on my low LSAT score!
  2. Chances? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156

    @Toad you are right. I misread the post that you are referring to. Since this is the case (assuming things haven't changed) than my GPA (87 credits) falls down to 3.77/4.00 LSAT weighted (3.77 * 22) + 156 = 238.94 (If LSAT weighted I'm out for this cycle). GPA weighted (3.77*22.5) +156 = 240.825 (I barely squeak in (based on the 2017 accepted index score thread where the lowest accepted index score was 240.75 min) , unless this cycle is more competitve). Hopefully Heather will be able to confirm my GPA when she receives my fall transcripts. Long story short.... I guess my entire chances of getting in this cycle are on the cycle being 1) GPA Weighted 2) As competitve (not more) than last cycle). Worse case scenario I don't get in and I apply for next cycle where my last 60 credits will be calculated differently as I'm finishing 9 credits this semester (68 credit calculation instead of 87), as well as rewriting the lsat. The hardest part is the wait...
  3. Chances? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156

    Thanks for your reply! I converted my GPA grade by grade going back 74 credits (my cutoff was 58 and I had to add one more semester with 16 credits). The calculated GPA was 3.86/4.00. LSAT weighted (3.86 * 22) + 156 = 240.9 GPA weighted (3.86*22.5) +156 = 242.85 The entire caveat of this index score, as well as my chances of getting accepted this year, is entirely dependent on where U of A cuts my GPA. The added 16 credits that I discussed are from a winter semester. if they decide to go back even further into the previous fall semester (13 more credits totalling 87 credits), I would take a hit in my GPA and not hit the index score threshold. I.e. this is dependent on how U of A defines an academic session. Do they stop with that winter semester (74 credits) or go that extra 13 credits more to "keep the session together?" I searched up the forums and it seems like they would stop at my 74th credit as a session seems to be defined as a semester and not the entire academic year. However, this is assuming things have not changed, and for my sake I really hope they haven't.
  4. What are my chances based on my stats? L2 GPA 3.95/4.33 LSAT 156 I'm worried how my GPA will convert from my university's 4.33 scale to U of A's 4.00 scale. I will send Heather an email, but she won't be able to confirm my GPA until my transcripts with my fall grades arrive at U of A.