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  1. Holistic Admissions... ?

    Good luck!!!
  2. Holistic Admissions... ?

    Thanks! This is what I really wanted to hear. I worked hard to boost my LSAT to an acceptable standard and while a 166 is no 170, it was a pretty big deal for me. I hope my professional experience and legal volunteering will outshine my less attractive GPA equivalent. I suppose the next month will be obsessively refreshing my email for a decision!
  3. Rejected From Calgary 2018

    I did and I was told that there is no adjustment from overseas to Canada GPA at all. So I'm most likely sitting at a 3.3 and a 166 based on best guess. They wouldn't tell me what my GPA was. I have to say - I've been in some stressful spots in my career with mergers, etc. but this uncertainty knowing there's nothing I can do beyond this point to increase my chances is probably the worst! Lol I've been checking my email like a crazy person for accept and regrets!
  4. Rejected From Calgary 2018

    This makes me feel a lot better! Thanks I appreciate it. I have very strong EC, and great LOR doing court advocacy for a NFP. Years of executive experience (mature) and just got my 166 from December LSAT. However my first and only other write was abysmal and the way U of C seems to look at foreign grading doesn't bode well for me (may end up being a 3.3 on the low side I just found out). Hopefully my personal statement shows how much I want it! Good luck everyone
  5. Rejected From Calgary 2018

    Can you clarify what you mean please? If he is out with his GPA, I may be in trouble depending how they eval my UK grades. Nerve-racking. U of C is my first choice as it is home and I really want to work SLS in Calgary Court. Crossing fingers.
  6. Lowest LSAT for a realistic shot...

    Good luck! I bombed last year December (like bad) due to a crazy work load and family life (didn't prioritize enough). I buckled down a couple of months before this last one and scored a 166. I will never believe anyone again that a massive point gain cannot be had in two to three months. Just keep dedicated - you got this
  7. UofC, UBC, or UVic? Which is best for me?

    You know I was half expecting a bunch of people to tell us to google it. But thank you for the great write up. I feel like information like this can help prospects and should really be expanded upon in a sticky. Just my 0.02. Sorry for high jacking! Thanks!
  8. UofC, UBC, or UVic? Which is best for me?

    Or maybe explain each area's misconceptions for us Hopefuls?
  9. Holistic Admissions... ?

    Hello all, I applied into a few schools before I took the Dec LSAT, including U of C. I just got my results and I got a 166. I am a born Canadian, but I did my undergrad in the UK after doing a few courses at U of C (didn't do so well as was split between here and the UK). Completed my undergrad with a 3.72 according to WES conversion. I am a mature applicant and have very strong EC and executive experience, with strong references (not academic due to how long ago my undergrad was). My family lives here and I really want to stay close to them, but after reading that the *average* LSAT score is what they consider, I am a bit scared as I was working full time last year and totally bombed it (my own fault, couldn't balance a high paced career, family and prep). I am a bit disheartened by this, but want to know if this will really kill my chances? I worked hard to improve my LSAT, and even stepped back from work to achieve it. I don't want to go to another province for school, but if U of C is strict on taking all scores and then averaging, I think I may be pooched... Also, does U of C's GPA conversion for international studies conform to WES style conversions from the UK? They don't disclose what they rank my GPA at but the UK grades much harsher than back home. Anywho, thanks for everyone's help, and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!