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  1. So there is some threads from previous years regarding this that may be of interest to you.
  2. I am not 100 percent but that sounds like a waiting list email.
  3. Super relieved and happy. Just received email for invite to interview. I am a Manitoba resident. Good luck to everyone. I would suggest reading the previous year threads on how to prepare for interview. Everything I read so far indicates the questions are file based (resume, personal statement). I would concentrate on the usual things like gaps in resume and why do you want to go to Robson Hall. Another question I heard is where to do you see yourself in five years. If anyone has any ideas on what else can be done to prepare for the interview please share!!
  4. Accepted 2018

    If you are not selected for IC interview they will move your application to the index category.
  5. Anyone receive an email invitation for interview yet?
  6. Index score of 74.6 chances?

    I think your more mid to front of the list. I keep seeing 75.5 for acceptance, so that is a good sign.
  7. Phone calls? I thought it was by email?
  8. Getting nervous mid week and haven't heard anything yet. Anyone receive an email yet?
  9. Accepted 2018

    Thanks !
  10. Accepted 2018

    Question....do they email your listed email account or do they notify on the application admission site?
  11. Index score of 74.6 chances?

    I think you do. Probably on the mid to back end of waitlist.
  12. Perhaps next week we will start to see interviews invitations go out.
  13. It is an extremely competitive category. I believe they were 180 applications last year in this category. You never know though! Good luck!
  14. I am starting this thread for people who want to talk about the IC category for the 2018 2019 cycle. Its a little early but whatever. Since it doesn't look like one receives notification if they are not selected for an interview, it might be helpful for the people who receive emails selecting them for an interview let others know. Also if anyone from previous years who was applied and was interviewed for this category has any advice or experience to share that would be great. good luck everyone