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  1. I've been offered a place at UAlberta Law School starting this fall and am looking for opinions and experience from those who are currently working in the field regarding the value of the degree, current prospects for articling - or even securing summer placements - and general opinions on what has surprised you [both pleasantly or otherwise] regarding the hours you work/pay structure, career progression/promotion possibilities, and the actual work you do. It is a fairly broad inquiry but my interest in law as a profession - even knowing that my love for proofreading and paperwork will be an asset - has been slightly offset by recent reports on the actual likelihood of securing a position or building a career and [from browsing related posts here and on reddit] a projection of little job satisfaction. Any and all opinions or responses are appreciated and apologies if this post is not appropriate for this forum. EDIT: Furthermore, yes I have reviewed current University provided statistics regarding placements and ongoing employment but I think we're all aware how easy it is to skew those numbers for the sake of attracting students/tuitions.
  2. Acceptance timeframes/stages

    If you search for previous 'Accepted 201X' and 'Waitlisted 201X' threads, there's a fairly consistent general timeline it seems. Just look at the clusters of "got my acceptance this morning" in the accepted threads and then the same can be done in waitlisted. Thats all the help I can offer sadly.
  3. Offer Acceptance Deadline

    I received the package on Thursday, December 21st. To accept the offer, you have to complete a form in the package and either mail or scan and email it back along with an informal passport type photo and a deposit
  4. Offer Acceptance Deadline

    I’m sure you’ve probably received the “package” by now, but the response/ deposit deadline is March 31, 2018.
  5. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Application submitted in August, personal statement Nov 1. received email of acceptance at 8:59am on Decmeber 15th LSAT: 166 cGpa: 3.7 (confirmed)