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  1. July 2018 LSAT

    I thought they added a July one. https://www.lsac.org/docs/default-source/jd-docs/testdateweb.pdf
  2. Application Status

    Yes, the left panel has changed. It previously said it was received on Nov. 17 (or somewhere around there) up until yesterday.
  3. Application Status

    Anyone else's "received" date change to today?
  4. While a lot of people say that you should expect to score 2-3 points below your PTs on the real exam, I never once factored that in as I mentally prepared for an upcoming test. Both times I've written the LSAT I've actually managed to score 2-3 above my highest PT score. Sure I may be an anomaly, but I don't think it's necessarily that uncommon for people to benefit from the test day anxiety and actually perform better. I think your mental preparation in the days leading up to the exam is paramount. For example, 2 weeks before the Dec LSAT I scored a 151 PT. Was so frustrated, took a week off, and scored a 161 on my last PT (my highest ever). Ended up getting a 163 on the actual exam. So my advice is to do whatever you can in these last few days to clear your mind. Meditate, go for walks, anything. Go in with the confidence of having scored consistently the past while and do not anticipate a 2-3 point drop!
  5. Hmm, that's strange. I applied in November as well and got the confirmation email right away, then another email a couple of days later with my log-in information. You may want to get in touch with admissions if they never sent you the account information email.
  6. Chances? Any thoughts appreciated

    Overall, on 4.3 scale. They couldn't calculate a B2 for me because I did part-time studies year-round instead of full fall/winter semesters.
  7. Chances? Any thoughts appreciated

    I was rejected last year with a 3.4 GPA, 157 LSAT, and what I believe would be a strong connection to Saskatchewan (born and spent childhood there but was forced to move as a result of parent's work transfer). I applied as a regular applicant though so you may have better luck as a special consideration applicant.
  8. Thanks for the very thorough response! I'm glad to hear they're very supportive of each individual's ambitions. While I could very well fall in love with the city/province and end up settling down there, it's good to know that they do work with you if you're planning to go elsewhere afterward. Frankly, I thought this could be something that would be frowned upon considering USask values applicants who have a connection to the province, presumably because they want to retain graduates. And that's very encouraging to hear regarding the city/university. I think everyone's a little intimidated going into law school because it's made out to be very "cut-throat" as you said, but I'm glad to hear that's not the case (at USask at least). And ditto for the workload. While I expect any professional program to be more intensive than undergrad, it's nice to hear that you were still able to have a life outside of school.
  9. Thanks for doing this! I am a prospective student from Richmond, BC so I do have some concerns about moving to the prairies. First of all, are you planning to set up your career/life in Saskatoon or do you plan on moving elsewhere after graduation? How did you find the transition of moving to a brand new place? Does Saskatoon (the university, the city itself) offer a lot to do for "fun" outside of school? What has been the one thing that has surprised you the most in your experience so far? (related to living there, to studying law, etc.)
  10. Entirely subjective. I studied at SFU for five years and loved every minute of it. On the contrary, I don't think the commute is something to take lightly. I commuted from outside of Metro Vancouver every day (anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours one way depending on traffic) and it was definitely draining. Plus it just takes that much more time away from studying. It would obviously be great to go to UBC, but the scholarships would be pretty enticing for me. Your experience there will be as great as you want it to be.
  11. For what it's worth, I was rejected last year with a 3.4 GPA, 157 LSAT, and fairly strong Sask connection (born and lived there in childhood, several USask alumni family members). Indigenous status and deep involvement in related programs would certainly work in your favour.