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  1. Waitlist 2018

    Waitlisted this morning. cGPA: 3.36/4.33 (no B2) LSAT: 163 Strong (?) Sask connection, who knows.
  2. Application Status

    @M1995 Did you apply as a special/Aboriginal applicant? I don't have the references or supporting documents sections on my portal (I applied as a regular applicant).
  3. @Sundance April 25 is what I heard.
  4. Application Status

    I don't think it means much, one way or another. Last year I went through a few different date changes then eventually got rejected in June. I have similar timing to you though - submitted early Nov., wrote the Dec. LSAT, and my received date currently shows Feb. 15.
  5. Application Status

    While I think the majority of date changes are meaningless, based on what I've read/experienced myself, admissions decisions seem to always be preceded by a date change, sometimes only hours prior.
  6. Application Status

    Mine still shows February 15, which was just a random date change. My application was completed after they received my December LSAT score.
  7. CGPA: 3.4/4.33 LSAT: 163 (Dec '17) Strong Sask connection
  8. Application Status

    @AMS I have not heard anything from the College since my date changed. I'm considering that to be a bad sign since I went through a few date changes last year before getting rejected after the final update...
  9. July 2018 LSAT

    I thought they added a July one. https://www.lsac.org/docs/default-source/jd-docs/testdateweb.pdf
  10. Application Status

    Yes, the left panel has changed. It previously said it was received on Nov. 17 (or somewhere around there) up until yesterday.
  11. Application Status

    Anyone else's "received" date change to today?
  12. While a lot of people say that you should expect to score 2-3 points below your PTs on the real exam, I never once factored that in as I mentally prepared for an upcoming test. Both times I've written the LSAT I've actually managed to score 2-3 above my highest PT score. Sure I may be an anomaly, but I don't think it's necessarily that uncommon for people to benefit from the test day anxiety and actually perform better. I think your mental preparation in the days leading up to the exam is paramount. For example, 2 weeks before the Dec LSAT I scored a 151 PT. Was so frustrated, took a week off, and scored a 161 on my last PT (my highest ever). Ended up getting a 163 on the actual exam. So my advice is to do whatever you can in these last few days to clear your mind. Meditate, go for walks, anything. Go in with the confidence of having scored consistently the past while and do not anticipate a 2-3 point drop!
  13. Hmm, that's strange. I applied in November as well and got the confirmation email right away, then another email a couple of days later with my log-in information. You may want to get in touch with admissions if they never sent you the account information email.
  14. Chances? Any thoughts appreciated

    Overall, on 4.3 scale. They couldn't calculate a B2 for me because I did part-time studies year-round instead of full fall/winter semesters.