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  1. How to fix spacing in the app?

    I went through the same problem. Supposedly it shows up that way when you submit it but those on the receiving end can see it with the formatting....I submitted it as one big chunk and then emailed them my PDF version of the PS as well.
  2. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Congratulations!:D Care to share your ec's?
  3. EC's

    Hey guys! Just wondering how much emphasis is given to EC'S when evaluating an application? Not trying to be offensive in any way at all but I have noticed that many students with low Gpas and low LSAT scores get offers at TRU...does that mean EC's /experience were taken into account? I'm just trying to see how much of an impact ec's could possibly make on my application. Any thoughts/input would be awesome:D
  4. L90 GPA Calculation - Repeats?

    I contacted tru admissions asking about repeat courses and how they consider them. They told me that they only count the highest grade...but I'm not sure if this is helpful to you in any way. I am pretty sure it wouldn't count in your last 90 because usually when you retake a course it substitutes it for your previous course on the transcript (BUT im not so sure about this at the same time) definitely send them an email:)
  5. GPA for Admissions? L90? cGPA?

    Hello! A tru law school representative actually came to my university a couple weeks ago to participate in a law school forum. She stated that they look at the last 90 credits when looking at an applicants GPA:)