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  1. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    @BlockedQuebecois What are your favorite and least favorite things about Osgoode?
  2. Living Downtown

    That’s what I was thinking. I really can’t see much of a downside with the subway extension, other than it being more expensive.
  3. Hi everybody, Do you guys think it would be reasonable to live downtown along Spadina by the subway and use that to commute to campus? Or would it be better to live on campus?
  4. In! 3.92, 158 (Sept) 164 (Dec) Strong ECs
  5. Exact same stats as you.. did you write the December LSAT?
  6. Sketch Importance

    Hi everyone, I am curious about the sketch section of the application... how much emphasis do adcoms put on it in comparison to GPA, LSAT and personal statements??
  7. I spoke on the phone with OLSAS today and they said if it’s not on their website the schools don’t see it
  8. I doubt they will be up until sometime next week. OLSAS just got LSAT scores today so it’ll probably take them a few days to process
  9. LSAT prep

    For RC, I found that just doing practice passages didn’t help me. I noticed improvement when I started reading for leisure every day for about 1-2 hours. Just find books with challenging material on a topic you’d enjoy reading about and commit to reading it every day.
  10. Chances [3.92, 158 164]

    My L2 is the same as my cGPA at 3.92
  11. Just got my December score back... do you guys think I have a shot at Osgoode and U of T with my 164 or would my previous 158 hold me back??
  12. I meant after November 15 when was the next earliest people have gotten in queue. Just to get an idea of what to expect for next wave of admissions... and when do you guys expect that would be?
  13. When was the earliest besides Nov 15 people have gone into queue?
  14. Do acceptances roll out throughout the day or do they just come in one big wave?
  15. What do you guys think my chances are for Osgoode with a 3.9 cGPA and 158 lsat. Strong ECs