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  1. Waitlisted at Queen's 2018

    Has there been any movement in the waitlist? Do you get a call or an email?
  2. Waitlist 2018

    Wow.. I'm surprised you got waitlisted..
  3. Waitlist 2018

    Hey, do you mind me asking what your L2 is? Thanks in advance!
  4. Deferred Decision

    That was the original question that I wanted to ask. Guess we'll wait to find out?
  5. Deferred Decision

    Just saw this now.. Don't know why I skipped through. But pretty hopeful at this point!
  6. Deferred Decision

  7. Deferred Decision

    Hey! Do we just wait? Or do we have to do something on OLSAS to have them send a copy of our final transcript?
  8. Deferred Decision

    The section that used to indicate "Applied" changed to "Defer Decn" and a link for the letter shared above besides the Deferred Status
  9. Deferred Decision

    Hey guys! My status just changed to "Deferred Decision." It says they're waiting for final marks. Should I be hopeful or not?
  10. Accepted to Western 2018

    Hey congrats! Mind me asking what your L2 was?
  11. Ask a 1L student

    Ahh ok. Thank you! I guess I'll just wait till spring to see what they look like lol
  12. Ask a 1L student

    Haha no worries. Thanks again.
  13. Ask a 1L student

    yea I saw this, but I was wondering if that was the only thing lol Thanks!
  14. Ask a 1L student

    Can you buy Law clothes (like hoodies) or other apparels?