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  1. In Queue 2018

    Good luck mate!
  2. In Queue 2018

  3. Referred to Admissions Committee

    Just got referred. cGPA: 3.63 (84% but had mediocre first year) LSAT: 148, 154. Strong LoR's and EC's. (Though, I'm still at odds with the strength of my EC's).
  4. Still Pending Review?

  5. Still Pending Review?

    I am.
  6. When do offers stop coming and waitlist start?

    Hey, may I ask where they said this?
  7. In Queue 2018

    In queue as of yesterday. LSAT: 148, 154 cGPA: 3.63 (it's 84% but had a mediocre first year) Strong LoR's (I think), pretty insignificant EC's.
  8. Rejected from Western 2018

    Thank you - best of luck, hopefully we get referred at some point this cycle! *sigh*
  9. Rejected from Western 2018

    Sorry to hear this! May I ask, where it says "applied" does it literally change to the red X?
  10. Referred to Admissions Committee

    Same here friend.
  11. Uozone Last Update

    That sounds like the worst/best scenario I've ever heard. The inability to see what it is would put me in a coma. Edit: May I ask your stats?
  12. Uozone Last Update

    In another thread, (I believe it was the Accepted), someone had posted that there was a 2018 update on their Uozone and shortly thereafter they got accepted. So I am of the opinion that they get updated but I could be completely wrong. I suspect that once they review your application, they will then update it and not update it upon reception of new documents.
  13. Uozone Last Update

    I emailed them after it updated on OLSAS and I received a response where they said they were in receipt of my Fall transcript, however, my last update was on November 20th. Although anecdotal, it appears as though they don't bother updating it. But its also possible that they may have not gotten to my individual file. EDIT: I am curious if there is a correlation from getting offered admission and when the applicants file was last updated.
  14. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    Thank you, you too!
  15. Thought I was Competitive - No Acceptance?

    This is the epitome of where I'm at, too.