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  1. Who else is still "Under Evaluation"?

    Me too. I'm not sure whether it matters for the purposes of this conversation, but I'm not expecting a good result
  2. Dual Program Ottawa US&Canada

    Has anyone heard anything about their application going forward with the Dual and Single JD?
  3. Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Most of us probably applied for the November 1st. Just about every other Common Law English Canadian program is due November 1st.
  4. Accepted 2018

    Way to go! *high five* To the single or the dual JD?
  5. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    I feel this! So I've been doing the DuoLingo thing for like, 4 months now. So I get the rejection letters except I'm seeing in what I think French looks like. It probably isn't actual french--- it just resembles French- But you get the point. Feels awful- either devastating or disappointing
  6. ...Radio Silence

    I honestly have no idea. We know that 2900ish people applied in 2016 (according to Osgoode's website) and that at least some of those applicants aren't members of this forum.
  7. ...Radio Silence

    I'm sorry. It was not at all meant to hurt anyone. I'm in the dark without a flashlight too.
  8. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    What are your stats like? Also, high five and congratulations
  9. So I'm still in the queue waiting for my file to be examined (not optimistic, also EEK) but someone had to start the thread so: Has anyone received a rejection for sure yet?
  10. Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Has anyone heard anything since? Any other acceptances?
  11. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

  12. In Queue 2018

    I finally went into the Queve today. I wrote my LSAT in February. I'm not expecting good news, but it's nice to finally get some notice.
  13. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Way to go! I'm so glad that they see your really great qualities in the face of your lower LSATs. *applause*
  14. Access Category 2018

    Yes. They refuse to include the Humber marks in the CGPA, and they don't list that degree's marks on OLSAS. They also don't list my Master's marks, but that makes sense because they specifically say that they won't. A Master's is just a nice quality I guess
  15. Access Category 2018

    That first degree is from Humber College. Bachelor of Arts- Paralegal Studies. I'm also a licensed paralegal. A whack of universities are really annoying about it. Under Mike Harris' Premiership, Ontario's government allowed colleges to provide degrees that are "Honours" degrees. Universities were not pleased at the time because they need to maintain their monopoly. Reasons the college v. university distinction or debate is annoying: 1) A Bachelor of Applied Technology or Applied Science aren't considered any less special than a B. Sc. 2) Engineering, or physics that are applied sciences, are not any less highly regarded than a B. Sc in Biology or Chemistry 3) A Bachelor of Arts in History or Philosophy or English are all deemed to be relevant. So is Business Administration as a degree. Paralegal Studies was a combo of substantive law and business management. 4) I graduated 5th in my class of 60. The culture of higher education is really frustrating. I sat on student government and on the professional associations for paralegals. The number of ironies and double-negatives and logical fallacies present in both is absurd. I don't understand why law schools equate a Bachelor of Music or BFA, with a Bachelor in Engineering with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. My combined GPA is 85.6. My last two years are an average of 88. Both are 3.8. I'm not a negative person, I swear, I just worked really hard and the material was not at all easy.