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  1. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    It's not always about needing the power, but having it available for bursts can make a difference in day to day smoothness of the UX. Almost everyone can get by with the bare minimum, but we don't all drive Smart cars for incredibly similar reasons. Things like an SSD, vastly improved screen, et cetera make a huge difference in day to day usability that becomes hard to walk away from. If when you say "spec for spec" you mean exactly the same hardware, it'll actually run better on MacOS than Windows due to the incredible optimization Apple bakes in by controlling the hardware configurations available. The value proposition is also up in the air, because the OS is part of the decision, and is basically impossible to quantify. Buying into an Apple product is more of a gateway into the Apple ecosystem, and the synergies it presents compounds exponentially with other Apple items. In terms of raw compute power per dollar, PCs have the upper hand, but again the problem lies in quantifying the value of the OS. I'd wager that at competitive offerings similar to Apple's from the likes of Microsoft and Dell, there's a very minimal performance per dollar difference. Part of the value also lies in how they hold up down the line. If you wanted to, you can still find the pre-Retina Macbook Pros still selling decently second hand, with a lot more value retained than you'd expect. Apple's software support just keeps their machines going long after your PC has stopped receiving updates and has been basically abandoned by their manufacturer.
  2. Laptop recommendations for law school?

    I was planning on going Macbook Pro myself, but that's for a bunch of personal reasons on my end. To address your situation, "good hard drive space" won't really be an option, as everything will basically be SSD-based if you want it thin and light. It's 100% worth the storage space tradeoff for the much smoother experience. For having photos in notes, Windows is still a viable alternative if you take notes in OneNote and have it installed on your phone too, I've been able to add photos in line with my notes before using it. Overall my recommendations would be to go Macbook/Macbook Pro if you're so inclined on the MacOS side (skip the Air unless the rumoured refresh is released), and something like the XPS 13 on the Windows side. I've also heard decent things about offerings like the LG Gram and HP Spectres. Microsoft's Surface products are a viable choice, but I think the more useful models extend beyond your price range. Also consider checking out the Microsoft store, as there's a ~10% student discount on their offerings which may edge out BestBuy. They aren't all Microsoft offerings.
  3. Volunteer/Leadership Concerns

    You're fine with a solid LSAT and L2/B2 schools. My ECs were an absolute joke, I skated in just fine.
  4. Last I checked, Michigan isn’t part of Canada.
  5. Bay Street Chances ??

    Stop focusing on numbers. The person, not the school, is what the decision is based on. Looking at numbers suggests that everything is down to unconditional and uniform random draws, which isn't remotely true. I'd make the case that the only reason Queen's and Western don't place as many students is in part due to size, and self-selection. People who want to go to Bay will self-select to be in Toronto. Queen's and Western may very well (speculating here) have the exact same caliber of students as U of T or Oz, they just don't care to go to Bay.
  6. York Strike Problem

    Didn't the union support Horwath? Ford has absolutely no loyalty to unions, and if this strike isn't over when Queen's Park reconvenes, Ford's 100% gonna start cracking skulls. The union bet on the wrong horse.
  7. By itself, no. If you go to Queen's, you will lose the deposit but will be allowed to attend Queen's. The only thing is that come (I believe) July 3rd, all provisional acceptances become firm, at which point any open applications will appear to be declined.
  8. Screwups and Faceplants

    Say drugs to no If you have time though, find some text to speech software and run it through your document. If you make any mistakes like that, you should be able to catch them all in one go
  9. Changes to Scotiabank's Offering

    Question that doesn't deserve it's own thread, but still needs a home. Thoughts on splitting the Scotia credit card limit between one card or two? I'd like to take two as Amex isn't taken at enough places for me to use it as my sole card, at the same time I don't really want to pay for both cards after I'm done school, unless I land that biglaw money right after articling, and I don't plan to do biglaw. Edit: Yeah, I could close one card as soon as I'm done, but let's be honest, I'll probably need the 10K limit.
  10. Osap and waitlists

    This, big time. OSAP caps out at like 350 a week, so for the usual JD that's 13.5K or so. Tuition is 20+, and expect another like 15 for living expenses. OSAP doesn't cover shit. I mean, did you not look at how much law school was gonna cost you before you applied?
  11. Osap and waitlists

    OSAP doesn't release until the school confirms your enrollment anyways. You can also apply for OSAP up to like 40 days before the end of your study period, you may just have to cover the first tuition payment from your PSLOC.
  12. Western access applicant

    You have multiple opportunities to rewrite the LSAT before applications are due in. No, don't address it at all, and rewrite, then apply as a general applicant. I can reverse a poor LSAT score in 2 months, GPA is forever, which is what access is for.
  13. Suits For Men

    Anyone have any experience with Four Fifty Five in downtown Toronto? Out of all the MTM locations in Toronto (not including the ones like Indochino), it seems to be the closest to the price range I'd like to stick to.
  14. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    And with that necro, here's to restoking this old debate
  15. Changes to Scotiabank's Offering

    Alternatively, I've only put in the application for the credit check and whatnot. If it's a thing for new accounts, think my rep would let the paperwork sit for a couple weeks? However generous, seeing as they're going to work me over in interest payments anyways, I'm going to squeeze as much value as I can out of it.