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  1. RNGesus

    Paying LOC Interest

    Mate, any tertiary education nowadays is an endless cycle of debt
  2. RNGesus

    Privilege is...

    I'd consider this a classic case of lifestyle inflation. It scares me that I thought I'd be living nice and content with a 60-80K a year job when I was finishing undergrad, but just shopping for everything I need before 1L (and all the stuff I've neglected to replace over the years) to appear professional has my budget for a lot of things just ever expanding. Legitimately not sure if this is worse for one's wallet or waistline
  3. RNGesus

    Things allowed into the exam

    Alas, by the LSAC, the letter of the law says yes. But Ontario just has to be a party pooper and won't let me walk down the street with an open beer on the way to or from my exams. Now, would I buy boxed booze? I mean, the fastest way to get any liquid down is to be able to squeeze the bottle, so this may work out perfectly.......
  4. Man, if that's the average for law students, I qualify for EC social welfare... Anyway, if you have a 3.7 L2, you're literally right in the median of most L2 schools, or you're beating it out by a hair. That means you also need to be around the median for LSATs, so 160 I would say is the bare minimum before I'd put good money on you getting in, although you may get away with something like a 157. As usual, higher is better.
  5. RNGesus

    Things allowed into the exam

    C'mon mate, 30 second Google search. It's not ambiguous at all.
  6. RNGesus

    Report Button

    Gone for me too. Did the "maintenance" from a couple days ago remove features we once had?
  7. Literally the cheapest one you can use for a day, because Lord knows you won't use it ever again. Kids watches are a good place to look. Honestly, my room ended up having digital clocks and I never used my watch once.
  8. RNGesus


    If you're willing to destroy a book, there's also an option of slicing the spine off a book and creating a PDF with an industrial level scanner that your university should have somewhere. If you choose this option, I recommend splitting the cost of the book with classmates.
  9. RNGesus

    Ask a 1L!

    What exactly is the Visitors and Info Session slots on the Mon/Fri afternoons?
  10. RNGesus

    Clerkship at the Ontario Superior Court

    NB: don't go to BQ to get your liability waivers drafted or safety protocols reviewed
  11. RNGesus

    Gym Memberships for Law Students

    The JD itself is an undergraduate degree, but basically no university treats it like any other undergraduate program. It's a de facto graduate program. I know for sure Western categorized Med/Law as Professional programs internally (admissions, financial aid, etc). Basically every school also has the student union for the law/med students as paired with the graduate students. Anyway, the quickest way to check if it is included is just to check the fee breakdown I'm sure your student portal has.
  12. RNGesus

    Office Romance

    With a sample size of zero, that brings absolutely no meaningful conclusions.
  13. Can 100% confirm this. I have an 84.9 final, basically the same average, which is a 3.65 cGPA by OLSAS. Thanks to anything above a 90 not being rewarded, plus a course I almost failed (mid-50s) and a math course with the worst prof ever (mid-60s), the consistency bit slaughtered me.
  14. It sounds like you need to do the four year degree. If you're a mature student right now, it means you don't qualify for the Mature discretionary category at some schools, which normally requires you to be 5 years out. That means you're competing with the general applicants where most have four year degrees, and a 3 year general would be a disadvantage. Simply being older isn't even close to setting you apart from the rest of the pack. And no, it isn't simply about the LSAT, essay and references in the end. If anything, it's GPA and LSAT in the end, everything else is a bonus that might push you over (unless it's a discretionary applicant). Also, what's the thing that's stopping you from a four year degree? If it's not an external cause (family death, financial issues, etc), and you can't finish the last year of an honours degree, that's not a good indication that law school is the right choice. Sidebar: 80% isn't a GPA. Straight numbers don't penalize inconsistency how the actual GPA scale does. Odds are an 80% cumulative average will be below the 80% GPA equivalent of a 3.7. Also, shoot for a 160 LSAT, but until you actually achieve it, everything we tell you is all academic.
  15. Only one copy of reference letters, transcripts, etc. What schools ask for in their personal statements are all different.