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  1. Chances - 3.52cgpa/3.6L2/162 LSAT

    Thanks all! Really gunning for Queen's. Tip wise - I really liked The LSAT Trainer book, condenses info way more than powerscore. But ultimately just buying packets of old LSATs and doing them under the actual conditions is, I believe, the best way to study. In studying for my second write I'm actually redoing each practice test a day or two after first writing it which I heard would help and I think it is. I didn't go for memorizing structure and word paths, just repetition taught me most about LR. LG obviously takes a bunch of memorizing diagramming and getting used to the most efficient routes to answer. I honestly didn't even study RC cause it was never a problem until the actual test... that is now changing but tbh I lost track of time in the Sept 2017 RC section and I know I must have been just wiped (RC was my final section) because I also didn't just temporarily skip the judicial candor text but instead kept rereading a paragraph at a time #ragrets So ya, definitely do PT's with your watch on the desk not with a phone timer (like I practiced), really learn the types of LG and best diagram practices which work for you, and for LR just repetition. Again though, I only got a 162 so take my advice with a grain of salt lol, though I would mention that before hand I was averaging a 166 and I'm now averaging a 167.
  2. Hello, just hoping to get a feel for my chances at Western, uOttawa, and Queens. Great job experience, sub-par volunteering/extra-curriculars, decent references, and what I feel is a pretty good personal statement. I will almost certainly be averaging above a 3.7 this semester, and I am rewriting the LSAT Dec. 2nd because a 162 was definitely my floor (half my wrong answers were in the last 14 questions - damn that judicial candor). PTs put me between 164 and 168, but I'd still appreciate a straight appraisal of the stats listed in the title. Thanks!