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  1. Can anybody shed some light on the challenges someone would face in wanting to practice law in Ontario if they went to law school in Calgary/anywhere else out of province? Thanks so much!!
  2. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Also accepted today! Cgpa: 3.1 L2: 3.5 LSAT: 159 MA 3.7. Very strong ECs, references and PS.
  3. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    I'm still pending review
  4. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    Same situation as you. Pending review and no documentation received, although my LSAT and GPA appear.
  5. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    When do those that received offers need to provisionally accept by?
  6. Accepted 2018

    When do those that received offers need to provisionally accept by?
  7. reading comprehension help

    I think the big change for me was reading for opinions and structure - not details. I read for emphasis and contrast keywords and always try to listen for the authors voice. After each paragraph in one sentence I paraphrase what I just read, and how it related to the previous paragraph. If times a big issue for you (isn’t it for all of us) and you’re scoring -15, you might want to try this to see how it works for you. Only do 3 passages and completely guess on the 4th. Spend the first 30 seconds triaging the passages to figure out which one is the most challenging (it’s never the first passage, so just look at the following 3 passages). This is the most important step, it’s important to eliminate the hardest one (which is as good as guessing at anyway). For hours I practiced triaging and ranking passages to make sure I was strong at finding the hardest one as fast as I could. Working on the easier 3 passages will give you extra time with each one and a better chance to solidy get 20 questions right in the section, and then with guessing on the hardest one, you could get another 1-3 right. When I shifted my mindset in RC from trying to answer every single question to giving myself more time to get the easier points, it was a game changer. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
  8. Accepted 2018

    Yay, congrats!! What are your stats? And when did you get your under review email?
  9. Accepted 2018

    Do you mind me asking when you got the email that your application was complete and your review process began?
  10. Received mine January 11 and still haven’t heard back
  11. Chances? 3.86 cGPA, 159 LSAT

    I would think your chances are very high!
  12. Living Downtown

    The only other thing I can think about is if you have class/meetings in the morning and evening, you'll need to stay on campus all day which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It'll be around a 40 minute commute, which isn't bad, and you know it'll be the same everyday, vs. with a bus you have to consider traffic and bus times. Living downtown is definitely way better, and I bet now with the subway you're going to see a lot of your friends living downtown too.
  13. I've seen in previous year's threads people getting in with lower stats than you. You might have to wait until the next round of admissions or to get in off the waitlist, but I think it could be possible. Would you consider taking the Feb LSAT? That could definitely help you increase your chances.
  14. Living Downtown

    Definitely reasonable. With the subway now, it makes the commute so much easier. It will be more expensive downtown, but for sure it's something you'd enjoy more than living in North York.
  15. I got the same email on January 11. Looking at previous year threads, people around this time either got this email or an email stating they’re not currently competitive and will be reviewed in May. Those that received this email heard within a week or two that they were accepted. I was hoping that’s the case for this year also, but I’ve been hearing that people have received this email and haven’t heard for weeks or even months. That leads me to believe that this could just be a standard email indicating they’ve received all your files, similar to Calgary’s green circle, Ottawa’s Under Evaluation, Osgoode’s in queue, etc. I’m really not sure, but I hope it means that we’re competitive for this round of Admissions!