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  1. Rejected Ottawa 2018

    For me it's literally the "home page" when I log into https://uozone2.uottawa.ca/. There is a section that says "Admissions File" at the top left. In that, to the right of the English JD program it says "Under Evaluation" and to the right of the JD/LLL program it says "Refused". And thanks for the good luck Right now it's looking like UofT so I can't complain. Good luck to you as well!
  2. Can't pretend I was planning to attend uOttawa's JD/LLL, but getting to start this topic still hurts my ego a bit. Noticed the "Refused" on uozone today (and pretty sure I checked over the weekend). cGPA: 3.38 LSAT: 167 Note that the English JD is still listed as "Under Evaluation".
  3. Accepted to U of T 2018

    Got the call around 4. CGPA 3.38, B3 ~3.6. LSAT 167. Very excited Can’t explain it, must have liked my personal statement!
  4. If you email the UBC law admissions folks they will confirm the GPA they calculated, with drops (at least, they did for me). This would give you a much better idea of your index score and chances : )
  5. I applied around mid-October. The LSAT score is from September. Good luck : )
  6. Got mine about an hour ago. Index was 91.7 (confirmed my average ~82%, LSAT 167).
  7. Based on what they calculated my GPA at, it's an 86% for an A. I think you odds are still good, but later in the cycle. I'm hardly an expert though - the previous years accepted threads aways seem like the most accurate guess. 91.3 was April last cycle. Good luck!
  8. Chances? C+ Gpa...

    Toronto and Osgoode are very likely not in play, even if you turn things around dramatically. However, some schools put a heavy focus on L2 (Western, for instance) and if you extend your program to 5 years you could get some dramatically better grades in those last two full-time years (say 3.6+) for a solid L2 and improvement to your cGPA. Also, if it's mostly a few horrible classes bringing down your gpa then some schools (like uVic) drop your lowest x courses, so that might help combined with stellar grades from here on out. This would be in addition to a strong LSAT score - and even with studying that can be tough for some people. I think it's doable, albeit tough. After 2 years my gpa was just under 3, and so far I've been admitted to uVic and Western. It won't be an easy road to get those grades up (+LSAT!), and you will need to commit the proverbial 110%. Good luck!
  9. Chances? cGPA 73%, LSAT 165

    Looking at last year's threads, people with indexes from 880-900 got waitlisted. Since 845 is a fair bit lower, applying discretionary is probably your best shot if you can make a case for it. Some discretionary acceptances had scores close to yours. Good luck!
  10. Chances? cGPA 73%, LSAT 165

    Have you calculated your index for UBC? UVic does not use the same system as UBC - they have a 4.33 gpa scale, use the formula (GPA out of 4.33 x 125) + (LSAT percentile x 5), and drop more courses . Convert each grade you have to the 4.33 scale. I would reference this topic for better info: You will get much better advice if you can tell us your index score. Afraid I don't know much about discretionary. Sorry to hear about your friend.
  11. Accepted to Western 2018

    @LawStream My L2 is a bit tricky because my last year was 1 full time semester, 1 part-time. It's between 3.6-3.65, so better but not crazy good compared to the others on this site . And yes, graduated. I didn't do many EC's in school, but I did do "double degree" - i.e. completed two undergrads at the same time, co-op and am now in my second year of working in computer science. I applied to Western partly because of their Master of Computer Science/JD dual, and wrote about that in my personal statement - could have been a factor. Good luck!
  12. Accepted to Western 2018

    Also just checked student centre and saw an acceptance! OLSAS cGPA: 3.38 LSAT: 167 May be good news for other "splitters" like myself. Good luck!
  13. Accepted at McGill 2018

    @Mulder Can you share where you found the excel sheet in questions? I'm not 100% sure but based on what I've seen posting legit links seems fair game!
  14. Index Much Lower than Expected...

    Thanks Good luck with UofA! Don't give up on uVic just yet, there's still time - looking at last year's thread someone got accepted at the end of Jan with a 901 - very close to yours! Doesn't matter if you get accepted now or in April, law school starts in September either way. My offer expires March 15th, so some more spots may open up then!
  15. @animal321 I had done the cals myself in Excel and triple-checked my conversions using the OLSAS table. I messaged them using SAM (they wouldn't answer over email) and detailed my concern - which was for a specific year so I could fit the details the tiny 500 character limit . They sent me a pdf of their calculations for that year, and I noticed that they double counted two of my courses and missed 4 (the course names where listed with grades). I messaged them back pointing this out and they corrected within the day. Glad they were so responsive - it was stressing me out a bit cause it hurt my overall gpa by a solid .1