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  1. I found it to be a relief as well! I really liked the Games section. it just seemed like the easier practice tests I've written. I had 2 RC's, so one was experimental. I felt confident with one, and not confident with the other. Then I found out the one I didn't have enough time on was the real one that counted. So basically, fml. Signing up for Feb.
  2. The schools that I'm applying to I don't think average out LSAT scores, but I will write it in December just because I want to provide Windsor with at least something. Otherwise my Windsor application will be wasted, since they won't take my February marks.
  3. I agree with you. I think I wrote in a comment here somewhere that I did calculate my GPA on York's website and it was higher than what I saw OLSAS converted me to. Long time lurker definitely did not mean prior to my graduation. I didn't even know about OLSAS's GPA convertors. As I said to Western, had I known I was in the 2.9 range, believe me I would have taken a fifth year. Or even summer courses!!!! I had nothing to lose, it's not like I started law school in September. I just worked this year. I'm just really upset about that. Honestly in my experience going through the application process, I just want to say that York was absolutely terrible in preparing any students with any sort of information on post-graduate studies. Whether it be Master's programs or law schools. I had no idea where to start or what to do. I understand you need to research it yourself, which I did at the time (I never came across this forum) - I came across different charts that all gave me different admissions requirements. The only way I found out about this was through a co-worker of mine at the law firm. Regardless, I just wish there was a bit more guidance from our Universities in regards to law schools. It would allow us to realize what we need. Had I found this forum prior to graduating, or even in my second or third year, I think I would've had a different outcome.
  4. Hi! Thanks for responding I talked to my instructor about this, and he said the same to me about preferably writing it in Feb (Not June because they won't accept me for 2018 then). The only reason why I can't defer this upcoming one is because Windsor won't accept your February marks, so I'm going to still try for December and then go for February too, most likely. @Ryn is right. When I first did my few practice tests, it was before I even completed the course/knew how to strategize each section. I think a 160 is more doable and is my current goal. 165+ if I write it in February. One user said 170, I don't think I can achieve that. But maybe we'll see for Feb. Not an aboriginal, but I did speak with Western and they allowed me to submit a page + (I gathered) documentation to claim special circumstances, explaining the marks of my final year. Really praying this can hold some weight, because my transcript is not terrible and it really is certain marks weighing me down. I also submitted the explanation and the documentations to UNB as well.
  5. Hey! I just applied to University of New Brunswick as somebody mentioned, but I'm having trouble applying to the Windsor dual program. Through OLSAS, all it's letting me submit is just a supplementary form? Which has like, only 6 lines to explain why I want to go there? Do they not accept personal statements? A bit strange.
  6. Thanks so much! I think I'm a bit scared to apply for the Windsor dual, because what if they see that I applied for both and reject me from the single JD because they saw I applied to the Dual one? Maybe I'm overthinking.
  7. Wow wow thank you. I had no idea about these schools. I actually do have low marks that are weighing down my cGPA, because I have more A's than C's and the rest are B's. It just so happens that the classes I received a C in include a 9.00 and some are 6.00. (I don't know if this makes sense to those who didn't go to York). Also, I should've petitioned a class I took in first year but I ended up passing the one year deadline for petitions and never inquired about it. I don't know if any schools would look at my Major's GPA? Is this even a thing? Because in all of my Poli Sci courses, I have A's-B+. I'm going to research more about UNB right now and see if I would apply through OLSAS for that school or it would be separate. Thank you!
  8. I just got off the phone with them and she said it's open until April. I told her my situation and she said that they're a holistic school and other factors are also considered, and to not be too discouraged. I'm going to study hard for the Lsat at this point and not withdraw my application. I'll keep this forum updated in the small chance that I do get accepted anywhere. Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it. Best of luck on your studies!
  9. Yeah it did give me some relative hope? I’ve followed the Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist forums for 2017 students. Obviously I know that, hence the post. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have made this post. I thought I was at a 3.1. I knew even that was low, but there was a much better chance with that than anything in the 2.0 category. No, I didn’t apply to Windsor Dual but I saw in the waitlisted forums how they might offer that instead? Unless I misunderstood that.
  10. I'm willing to take anything I can get at this point, including the dual program at Windsor. PS it's her*
  11. Thanks so much for replying! I know, when he says he guarantee's it, I try not to let it get to my head. It hasn't been on paper. I don't know if that's just his way of being very nice. I've met a legal aid lawyer at one of the courthouses we frequently go to who said he completed his JD in the UK. He said how he's planning on starting his own firm come January, and told me if I'm interested in the UK to let him know. I don't know if this means anything either lol. I just went on the website you linked, and I saw the Minimum Accepted under Ottawa as being: 2.49 147 3.2 This is slightly getting me hopeful again. What do you think?
  12. This girl who is articling at the firm I'm working at went to Bond University in Australia. She speaks very highly of it, but due to family reasons and just the general stigma of going to law school abroad, I wanted to avoid this option. Also I can't afford it. Essentially, the lawyer I'm with has "guaranteed" me an articling position upon graduation. I don't know if this changes anything.
  13. A lot of good points. The family part of this is just a long, messy story. I applied because I've always wanted to be a criminal defence attorney, not because of family pressure in this field (just to clear that up). They don't know what my GPA is. I just texted my mom to tell her about the situation, it's hard to explain this stuff to them because they didn't go to school in Canada and they don't understand the process. She said it's just ".1 point", lol point proven. I know, you're right about the EC's. If you'd be interested/it's allowed, I could send you my application just to get a general idea. I know you're not a part of the admissions board, but I'm feeling really discouraged right now. On my last practice test I scored a 150. I'm in a prepcourse with HarvardReady right now, and I'm doing private tutoring with the instructor for LR because that's my weak point. I'll tell you right now that I don't think I'd get a 170, but I think a 165 would be doable.
  14. Shit, sorry it's 2.89. So they took my last two years. I just went back to check, I read it incorrectly. I'll edit the post.
  15. How greatly would having the high LSAT score even affect my application at this point, with such a low GPA? I didn't even think about the money. There's a lot of family pressure behind this, to the point where I really don't want them to find out about 5 rejection letters.