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  1. Best time to start looking for housing?

    A lot of leases start July 1st or August 1st. I would say August 1st is ideal as orientation begins at the end of August and being able to stay at your own place is way better than the residence accommodations! I'd recommend getting in touch with landlords in May and coming to Windsor to tour houses in May or June
  2. Currently a 1L Single JD - Ask me anything!

    @ristiisa pretty well covered it all - as per past exams, there are some posted on the law library website, which are accessible with a uwindsor id/password (these are only really helpful if your specific prof's exams are posted!)
  3. Currently a 1L Single JD - Ask me anything!

    @lindsn Sorry for the late response - exam season is in full force! The Windsor law campus is super small so by consequence, it's very tight knit. You can always find a classmate or friend around to catch up with between classes. The social life is good too - lots of events, bar nights etc (particularly during the beginning of the semester though before school gets too hectic). Living expenses are unreal, especially if you're coming from a big city (I went to school in Toronto for 5 years so there was a huge difference). 1 bedroom condos are obviously still expensive, but if you have a roommate or 2, the costs can be $400-$700. The community is incredibly encouraging/helpful - you can tell the profs really would like to see us succeed. The law school atmosphere is also no where near as competitive as I was expecting (ex: students share notes, provide study tips, etc.) Let me know if you have any more questions!
  4. I used these forums like a fiend last year when I was applying - Just trying to pass it forward