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  1. Adcom/Admissions Updates

    I think we will get an email asking if we want to stay on the updated waitlist first and foremost.
  2. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    You're both in the 70s. Relax. I'm talking anyone above that, because with the way things are going, it's not looking good for the rest of us. We can stay positive, pray and all that but it doesn't make a difference, I just want to know so i can start utilizing a back up plan if i need it.
  3. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I'm taking it it's no looking good for people above the 70s this time around?
  4. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Here's hoping we actually get good movement and it doesn't just fizzle out around the 50s! Yeah Im staying onto the last possible moment.
  5. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Yeah I just noticed that myself, probably what got lucky too. If you don't mind me asking you, have you had experience with the waitlist before? my original number was 159 and im trying to determine if i have a real chance or not? Don't be afraid to be realistic if you know and have experience with the waitlist. I just need to figure out what I am doing schoolwise come september if Ottawa U falls out.
  6. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Again, that question wasn't for me. Saraeliz was the original person, i was asking a separate question entirely. Edit: For me personally, yes i could, i live here permanently.
  7. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Saraeliz was who you originally responded to, i was asking you a separate question.
  8. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Im not the one who asked you anything? That was someone else.
  9. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Is it actually slower this year though? and does that have any impact of the amount of students they are taking? To have a waitlist of 298 people and not expect a decent amount of movement is weird in my opinion.
  10. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Going off previous comments, even last year after the class was full they went through 100. However, that is just from comments in this year and last year's waitlists.
  11. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Nobody is saying that's the exact number. We're saying that it's a general idea.
  12. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    That's what happens with this sort of situation. No one has ever said they have concrete information so there is no need to self police.
  13. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I'm 159 (judging by offers im around 145 now) so I'm a tad bit stressed and pessimistic about the situation!
  14. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Not only that, after those 49 offers are sent out I take it that's the end of the waitlist this year. Mind you probably a few people will drop here and there but do you think we will really get past 100 this year? 49 seats isn't much and from what I've read from earlier that's for people who have paid and secured their spot.
  15. Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I hope so! This stress is going to kill me.