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  1. Chances LSAT 158

    I was accepted with a 4.19/4.3 GPA and a 158 LSAT
  2. On Dalhousie's website it shows that a health law specialization can be obtained through their program by taking specific courses. Does anyone know if this specialization can be obtained at all Canadian Law Schools or is it school specific? If school specific, what other schools other than Dalhousie have this as an option?
  3. Thanks I'll keep checking
  4. Thanks I'll keep checking
  5. In the requirements section all my documents show the date received except for the "Personal Statement" which remains blank. This seems somewhat odd since the personal statement is submitted with the application. I know it says that this is not always filled in for the Law program but I'm just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing?
  6. Accepted to UNB 2018

    Hi everyone, Accepted yesterday. 4.19/4.3 GPA without drops 158 LSAT Very strong ECs Ontario Resident 4th year undergrad Submitted application 1st week of November Good luck everyone
  7. Some applications asked permission to share offers of admission to other schools. Would accepting an early offer from one school hurt your chances of receiving an offer from another school later in the cycle?
  8. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    I actually called OLSAS about this and I was told that this is completely normal. The person I spoke to even went so far as to tell me to be patient until December.
  9. I apologize for the question, I found it
  10. Sorry if this is a stupid question but, where do I find this link (don't know where they sent it)? Thanks in advnace