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    Went in queue yesterday too. 3.36, 165
  2. Chances? 3.38/3.65/164

    I have no expertise but here's my take: based on what I've seen from others on this site and the predictor that is made by a user -- Ryn maybe, can't quite recall -- I would guess you probably have an above 65% chance at Western. For the rest I think the odds are lower, but definitely not out of the question. Queens you likely have a chance. Ottawa's super hard to predict it seems, but likes cGPA. I'm in 4th year too and have almost identical stats -- 3.36, 165 -- and am applying in this cycle, so have looked into it extensively! haha. From perusing accepted / rejected / waitlisted threads, people with our stats definitely get into the schools you've mentioned, but usually later in the cycle or via waitlist if they do make it.
  3. Thanks for any advice in advance! Here's some additional information. I'm interested in the following Ontario Law Schools: uOttawa, Queens, Western, u of t, Osgoode. Planning on also applying to Schulich and uVic. I'm aware that my GPA likely precludes me from having a chance at uOttawa, U of T, Osgoode -- I applied either way, just in case I sneak in. What I'm wondering is: how much of a shot do I have at Schulich and uVic (is it worth it to apply?) and how reasonable are online predictors of my likelihood into Western and Queens? Some predicted around or above a 75% chance at both, but with the caveat that irregular combinations of high or low LSAT / GPA's may mess with the calculation. I am considering applying to American law schools if I feel I don't have a reasonable chance at making it into any Canadian ones. I also am in my first semester of my final, fourth year. So my GPA and L2 could rise if I do well enough -- definitely better than my first year at the very least. Would push my L2 closer to 3.55, 3.6 depending on how I do. My degree is from McGill in Political Science -- unsure if that's relevant, only mentioning because the u of t admissions homepage stated that they take into account institution quality. Not sure if that's true elsewhere. Thanks!