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  1. Accepted 2018

    Congrats to everyone that has been accepted so far! If anyone who has been accepted is thinking about finding a roommate I am hoping to find one or two to move into an apartment or small house with! Message me if you're interested!
  2. Financial Aid

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to apply for financial aid yet? I am attempting to find the application for 'Awards for Law Students with Financial Need', which it says was supposed to open for first year students on April 18th, but when I open the window in Award Search, I can't find where I'm supposed to go next. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
  3. Not sure how much help I'll be, but I messaged you some stuff I've found while looking
  4. Thank you all so much for responding! Really helped with my nerves!
  5. Hi everyone, So today I got the terrible news that due to a very stupid mistake on my part in which I switched around courses at the beginning of the semester and ended up taking one too few 2x90 and above courses, I will not be graduating this spring. I have already accepted my offer to Windsor and am now in a panic about what this means for attending law school next year. I have been on the phone for the past three hours and managed to enrol myself in a class that will satisfy the requirement and finishes June 1st, meaning I will still be able to send my final transcripts, with this class included, by June 30th. However, my convocation will not be until the fall, so I will technically not graduate until after starting 1L. Does anyone know if this means I will not be able to attend school next year or have experience with taking summer courses to complete a degree? I am going to call Windsor first thing tomorrow but until then am hoping somebody has some insight!
  6. Geoffrey Fisher Hall

    I am planning on moving in to an apartment at GFH for 1L and was wondering if anyone who currently lived there had any feedback about it or knew where I could find pictures of the inside, since they only have the layouts on the website. Also if anyone else is planning to move there, hit me up!
  7. Referred to Admissions -Timeline?

    My turnaround time was exactly two weeks, so hopefully you should hear something soon!
  8. Deposit Confirmation

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has received confirmation that their deposit has been received/how long it took. I paid mine via online banking about a week and a half ago and emailed them to let them know, as instructed in the acceptance letter, but they haven't sent me any kind of confirmation and the deposit status on myuwindsor is still marked 'no'. Anyone know if this is normal or if I should give them a call to make sure it went through? Thanks!
  9. Meet and Greet Email

    I received that email about a week after I was accepted. I would also call and ask! Hopefully it's good news!
  10. Hi guys, I have been talking with Scotiabank about opening a line of credit and was told that it is possible to receive Prime +0% if I could get proof of other banks offering it from either their website or another offer letter. On the RBC website it states that for MBA and Law, you can borrow up to $125,000 at an "Interest rate as low as Prime". Do you think this would be sufficient proof or is it most people's experience that you need an actual letter from another bank? Thanks!
  11. That's great to know! Thank you!
  12. Hey guys, I will most likely be accepting my offer to Windsor in the next couple weeks (yay!) and was hoping for some input about when the best time to start looking for housing is. I'm hoping to be able to find a few roommates who are also entering first year and want to share a house (So if you are reading this and are interested message me!) but am not sure when the majority of rentals will go up. I have been looking on Kijiji and have found a few ads for leases starting in May, but I would rather not pay for the summer if I don't have to. If you have rented in Windsor before, when do you think is the right time to start looking? If I wait to start looking until April/May will all the good places be gone? Thanks for any insight!
  13. Accepted 2018

    Accepted around 2:40 today! So so excited! 3.46 cgpa, 3.52ish L2, 163 Referred to commissions two weeks ago today
  14. Accepted 2018

    Congrats! Do you know when you were referred to admissions? I was referred last Friday and have been checking my status nonstop lol
  15. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    It will say this until they actually look at your file, so this just means they haven't looked at yours yet. Once they do, they will check off that everything has been received and send you to the admissions committee, where it will actually get looked at