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  1. You would likely get in at the U of A and U of C. The U of A looks at your last 2 years, regardless of whether they are from an undergraduate, graduate, or professional program. The U of C has a holistic process.
  2. I have applied to McGill, UBC, the U of A and the U of C. I am somewhat tempted to apply to UVic or Dal to compare what different schools may offer in terms of scholarships, but also don't want to waste too much money applying to schools. I'm just curious how many schools other people here are applying to and what your rationale is.
  3. Given that last year people started receiving their acceptance letters in November, I was wondering when applicants find out if they were awarded an entrance scholarship. Are students informed that they got an entrance scholarship at the same time they are given their acceptance letter, or are entrance scholarship notifications distributed after all of the acceptance offers have been issued?
  4. I am having some difficulty cutting my resume/CV down to two pages. I have been out of school for four years now and have a lot of volunteer and work experience that I would like to highlight, and from my time as a grad student, my academic CV alone is two pages (covers scholarships, awards, publications, participation at conferences, etc). I am wondering what would be most important to emphasize in such limited space.. I already listed quite a few of my academic achievements in the application form, so I am tempted to focus more on my work experience. Thoughts?