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  1. Chances for UVic?

    Edit: I saw 915 floating around a lot and it kinda stuck that that was the auto-admit. Further research suggests that 905 is more likely to be the auto-admit. I apologize for any stress this error may have caused! Cheers!
  2. Chances for UVic?

    In case you still need it: (GPA out of 4.33 x 125) + (LSAT percentile x 5) = index score So your index score is: (3.8 x 125) + (83.07* x 5) = 890.35 *percentile may be off as I just ripped it from Google Auto-admit is supposedly still 915 though I don't quite understand the system. I assume it means that if you get 915 you are automatically accepted however, what if 915 students exceed admission limits? First come first serve I guess.
  3. asking for your index score

    They seem like nice people who are quite eager to help. I emailed them around October 12th and they replied that I'll probably get my index early December.
  4. Change of Application Status for 2018

    Submitted October 11th, forwarded for review today!