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  1. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    WOOOT!!! Got the offer! LSAT: 164, L2:3.7
  2. Index Much Lower than Expected...

    I saw that you got accepted, congrats!!! I've kinda written off UVic at this point and am focusing my attention on UofA. I feel that banking on the UVic holistic review to add 16 points to my index is quite foolish and the wait list is a serious gamble. Though I will retake the Feb LSAT, I don't expect a registration that late will bear much fruit. I will still check back every once in a while but, I no longer have faith that I will be admitted. Thank you for all your help and good luck with your studies! Congrats again!
  3. Index for automatic admission

    Autoadmit this year is 915, confirmed by Janet
  4. Index Much Lower than Expected...

    I directly converted my 4.0 to 4.33, both before and after dropping six classes from my full undergrad degree of four years. I got 164, which was reported to be 90th percentile.
  5. Just got an email from Janet confirming that I got an index score of 898.75. In every one of my calculations, the worst possible scenario I came up with was 915 so I was shocked and terrified. I have written her back however, I'm pretty sure she didn't make any mistakes in her calculations so now I am left pretty depressed. Does anyone know what the auto-admit this year is? Is 898.75 a likely admit or a waitlist? If anyone has any information, I would love to read anything I can grab onto.
  6. Chances for UVic?

    Edit: I saw 915 floating around a lot and it kinda stuck that that was the auto-admit. Further research suggests that 905 is more likely to be the auto-admit. I apologize for any stress this error may have caused! Cheers!
  7. Chances for UVic?

    In case you still need it: (GPA out of 4.33 x 125) + (LSAT percentile x 5) = index score So your index score is: (3.8 x 125) + (83.07* x 5) = 890.35 *percentile may be off as I just ripped it from Google Auto-admit is supposedly still 915 though I don't quite understand the system. I assume it means that if you get 915 you are automatically accepted however, what if 915 students exceed admission limits? First come first serve I guess.
  8. asking for your index score

    They seem like nice people who are quite eager to help. I emailed them around October 12th and they replied that I'll probably get my index early December.
  9. Change of Application Status for 2018

    Submitted October 11th, forwarded for review today!