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  1. In your example, eating is a necessary condition for not being hungry. Meaning, not being hungry is sufficient to say you ate. So, ~H -> E, or flipped, ~E -> H . >Are we supposed to sort of ignore those extraneous factors in these types of questions and assume the argument is valid, or would those types of extraneous factors make the argument still valid (because a statement is valid if you reverse AND negate) but flawed? Depends on what the question is asking.
  2. File Incomplete?

    I've yet to have an lsat score go up on OLSAS and my OASIS account says "app received." I think you need to contact them ASAP.
  3. Accepted to U of T 2018

    Would you care when they called if it meant getting accepted?
  4. Accepted to U of T 2018

    They like to call in the evenings sometimes.
  5. OASIS Information

    Some obsessions are good and some are bad, I guess.
  6. After a few months of studying, it's a relief to be finished. How do you guys feel?
  7. RC passage layout on the real test

    Thank you guys for your quick responses!
  8. I've been doing a bunch of practice tests that I've printed out on both sides of a piece of paper (trying to save trees!). For the RC though, what happens is that I have the passage on one side of the paper, and I constantly have to flip on the back side of the paper for the remaining questions. On the real LSAT test, are the RC passages on the left-hand side on the booklet, while the rest of the questions are on the right-hand side, spread over two pages on one side? Point being, I don't have to flip like a maniac to go from RC passage to questions and back multiple times.
  9. The email says there's >2900 for 290 spaces. GLTA!
  10. LORs for Next Year

    OLSAS destroys info at the end of the cycle, so that’s not possible
  11. Access vs General

    What school are you talking about specifically? If you fit the category, then why not check the box?
  12. Submitting OLSAS application

    I would say most people have, yes. Would you really want to risk it last minute before the deadline? What if there is some unforeseen issue with internet or the payment etc.? Review and submit!
  13. Osgoode Part C - should I fill it out?

    FROM OSGOODE: I wouldn't just write "I am a racial minority."
  14. Including publications on OUAC

    Just make sure to follow the instructions. Source the article in the sketch and/or resume (for Mature applicants only) and leave it to the AdCom to decide what to do with it.
  15. Deadlines

    Yes and yes.