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  1. Ask a 1L student

    I'm pretty sure we pick it sometime during first semester because no matter which we take it'll be in second semester.
  2. Ask a 1L student

    For those who have clinic experience. In regards to the Business Law clinic and CLS, what is the application process like and what do they look for in a candidate? I found an old post from 2010, but I imagine it may be outdated. Thanks!
  3. Social events for law students?

    This is what I anticipated. Thanks!
  4. Social events for law students?

    Can you explain the small group program a bit more? I'm having trouble telling whether I have all my classes with just these 20-25 people, like Ivey, or if I have one of my classes with just these people?
  5. Bad cGPA, good last 2

    I had a 3.38/3.65/164 LSAT when I was accepted (I just finished my fourth year so it ended up being higher) and I got into Ottawa, Dalhousie, Western, and Windsor this cycle. Didn't hear from Osgoode or Queens cause I firm accepted Western before anything came so I may or may not have gotten in. A 3.38 really isn't that poor, people with much lower cGPAs get in all the time. Just focus on the LSAT and take some of the 'chances' people give you with a grain of salt. People told me I had no problem at Western and wouldn't hear from Ottawa, yet I heard from Ottawa almost 2 months before Western. I had no access claims and the only reference to my grades in my personal statement was essentially pointing out that I had a pretty stable upward trend.
  6. No rejections or acceptances?

    Last cycle as in the for starting the 2018-2019 school year? Have you checked the websites for the respective universities using the login that you got? I heard rejections don't show up on OUAC
  7. Waitlist 2018

    If will remain provisional. The Western waitlist won’t effect any other offers
  8. Ask a 1L student

  9. Ask a 1L student

    Do I need a suit for orientation week? I know in the past there has been semi formal events. Do people bring guests to that?
  10. Ask a 1L student

    Does the law school use OWL like undergraduates do, or is there another system for courses?
  11. Declining an offer on OLSAS

    you're fine
  12. Accepted to Western 2018

    Any ideas how long OLSAS takes to update? I thought it'd be done by now.
  13. Accepted to Western 2018

    Checked student centre, it went up between 3:00 and 4:20 (when i saw it) 3.38/3.65/164. 99% sure I'm accepting.
  14. Deferred Decision

    Any thoughts on people currently in their fourth year who still say 'applied' at this point in the cycle?
  15. Provisionally Accepting