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  1. Cause I wanna practice law bro
  2. Ask a 1L student

    This year they are introducing Western law backpacks as the small gift at the induction ceremony. Out of curiosity, what was the gift in past years?
  3. Ask a 1L student

    On Western's website, it says that the pass/fail course "Orientation to the Law & the Legal System" provides "background for the study of law." Will this include things like briefing cases and making summaries?
  4. Attire for 'coffee chat' style meetings

    Gonna piggy back off this topic... what if you were meeting for the same type of chat, but at the firm? Do we still accept the khaki and dress shirt/shoes? Or do we wear a suit at this point?
  5. Applying in my fourth year of undergrad

    3.4ish with a 3.65ish last 2. 164 lsat
  6. Applying in my fourth year of undergrad

    Yeah I'd apply if I were you, probably good for any school in Canada if you get that LSAT, I was significantly lower than that GPA and got into Western, Ottawa, Dalhousie, and Windsor.
  7. Applying in my fourth year of undergrad

    I just graduated and applied when I was in my fourth year of undergrad. Lots of people in my program did the same and it worked out for a good number of us. If you're GPA has been good so far and you've written the LSAT already I'd highly recommend doing it. I think it's a bit riskier if you don't have an LSAT score and plan on writing in December or February, but I wrote my LSAT after 2nd year so I had a good idea of where I stood in the admissions process.
  8. Ask a 1L student

    If it's stir fry it's probably from the grad club.. they do catering there, thanks! Also thank God we don't have to introduce ourselves one by one. That'd be something...
  9. Ask a 1L student

    Not gonna post this on the Class of 2021 group because I'll feel silly.... but... is there food at the opening ceremonies? If so, is it good?
  10. Chances?!

    Got in with a 3.38/3.65/164 while I was still in undergrad, I'd say you have a chance if you write decent personal statements.
  11. Chances? 3.1/3.6/163

    Checked post history and they got waitlisted and will now be attending Windsor
  12. CHANCES (2.44 cGPA / 1.76 L2 / 3.08 B3 / 155)

    Western is L2
  13. Apartment Hunting in London

    Yeah honestly, you'd be hard pressed to find something above $1200. Cherryhill, Timbercreek are just a couple of places OP can look at to find this.
  14. Ask a 1L student

    I'm pretty sure we pick it sometime during first semester because no matter which we take it'll be in second semester.
  15. Ask a 1L student

    For those who have clinic experience. In regards to the Business Law clinic and CLS, what is the application process like and what do they look for in a candidate? I found an old post from 2010, but I imagine it may be outdated. Thanks!