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  1. UdeM Fall 2018

    Still waiting for a reply. My demand is still under review. GPA 3.44 / 4.3 - Finance at UQO St-Jerome
  2. Uqam Winter 2018

    Also got the rejection letter. Good luck for next application all =D
  3. Uqam Winter 2018

    I'll keep you in touch as soon as I get an update =)
  4. Uqam Winter 2018

    Congrats =D Wish you good luck for the interview!
  5. Uqam Winter 2018

    If I refer to last thread (Interview UQAM winter 2016 / UQAM 2017) it seems like the one called for an interview didn't saw their statut changed for 'A venir' and stayed 'Decision en attente' until after the interview. Well seems like I will finish my finance degree and boost my GPA to apply next year.
  6. Uqam Winter 2018

    My admission changed for A venir. I don't know if it is a good sign! If I refer to last year winter thread it seems like not =(
  7. Uqam Winter 2018

    Did something have moved on your side guys? Also Lawlaws, exact same situation as you! GPA of 3.38!
  8. Uqam Winter 2018

    Still Decision en Attente
  9. Uqam Winter 2018

    Answer should be really soon. The UQAM Winter 2017 thread show people getting answer as soon as 18th of november 2016.
  10. Uqam Winter 2018

    Any news from your admission request guys?
  11. Uqam Winter 2018

    Unfortunatly I didn't. It was too far from my home (living in St-Jerome). UQAM and UDEM are my only two choices right now.
  12. Uqam Winter 2018

    Thank you so much! This is really a great help!
  13. Uqam Winter 2018

    Thanks for the info =) If by miracle I get called for the interview be sure I will PM you =D Much appreciated!
  14. Uqam Winter 2018

    Application for UQAM have been decreasing since a couple of years, so if we are lucky the winter GPA minimum will be less than last year (hoping!). Usually the admission results are send at the end of november!
  15. Uqam Winter 2018

    Hey! Same situation here. I applied with a 3.38 GPA. Pretty sure I will get refused but still, cost nothing to try.