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  1. Rose is cool, go ahead and give her a call. I had to pester her a few times to get my scholarship application ready and she was friendly throughout.
  2. Can't log in to My U of C

    Incognito mode worked! Thanks @JDtobe
  3. When I try to log in to my U of C to check my application status, it takes me directly to a "log out successful" page every time. Apparently IT is aware of this and they suggest clearing your cache or typing in the URL directly, but this did not fix anything for me. Anyone else having troubles signing in like I am?
  4. Yes, this is what it means (talked directly to admissions). No need to worry.
  5. Status: Offer, as of today. Self-calculated GPA with drops: 86.61%. LSAT: 169. Applied October 18th. Best of luck to everyone else!
  6. UBC vs. UVic vs. Calgary vs. Dalhousie

    @MinesAndMinerals I grew up in Winnipeg, so I don't mind the cold. Housing costs and cost of living is what is mainly making me apprehensive about Vancouver, I've read a bunch of articles with titles like "When will Vancouver stop eating their young?" and "I left Vancouver because Vancouver left me behind" and it makes me wonder if the warnings are overblown or if I'm walking into the lion's den. In that regard Calgary seems more appealing, as I've heard its much more welcoming to young people. At the same time, I hear that Alberta is generally headed in a downward direction lately because of the oil prices, and I'm not sure if putting down roots there will be a good idea in the long term. And yes @Malicious Prosecutor if I get any entrance scholarships it will make my decision a lot easier. I'm not really sure what I expected in terms of advice here, I seem to be in a kind of Buridan's Ass scenario where all options look equally good and therefore I can't seem to choose between them. Not that I'm complaining, it would be a good problem to have if I get multiple offers.
  7. UBC vs. UVic vs. Calgary vs. Dalhousie

    You're right, I suppose a better question would be how would people compare Vancouver and Calgary (I've already been to Halifax) as places to live?
  8. I've applied to UBC, Victoria, Calgary, and Dalhousie, but I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out my preference order between the four. If anyone has any input or advice on this choice I would appreciate it. Info about me: 4.11/4.5 undergrad GPA, straight A's in my to be completed Master's program, 169 on LSAT; more of a city person than a small town person, but I've been living in St. John's for a while so I can handle small towns if the opportunities are worth it; family is in WInnipeg but I don't have my own roots down so I could go anywhere; going to be relying on scholarships and student loans for everything; my interests at the moment are civil rights, litigation, and environmental law (switching to law school from graduate school mainly for humanitarian reasons).
  9. entrance scholarships

    Their website says that the scholarship applications aren't due until May 1st, so I don't think you need to worry much about waiting for your Fall transcript to be ready.
  10. Just a friendly reminder to my fellow Schulich law applicants that the deadline to submit your JD application and be automatically considered for entrance scholarships is November 30th. If you would like to be considered for additional entrance scholarships (that pay much more) you must apply for those with an additional form; details can be found at this webpage: https://www.dal.ca/faculty/law/programs/jd-admissions/money-matters/scholarships.html On the bottom right of that webpage is a link to download the application form pdf. You can use this to apply to for the following scholarships: Schulich Scholarships The Law Foundation of Nova Scotia Scholarships The Arthur Allister MacBain Memorial Scholarship The J. Gerald Godsoe Scholarship The Al Meghji and Diane Belevsky Scholarship The first page of the scholarship application form is needed to apply for any and all of these five scholarships, as is an additional reference letter that must be different from the two academic references you used for your JD application. This reference can be academic, or a character reference (e.g. community leader, supervisor, etc.). The admissions office told me that having this person fill out the pdf used for the JD application reference letters is acceptable. This reference should be emailed directly to [email protected] by the person supplying it. The scholarship application form, and all necessary supplementary forms, should be emailed by you to [email protected] You should have all of this in by November 30th. Admissions indicated that there may be a little bit of wiggle room on when the reference letter gets in but DON'T TAKE THAT RISK IF YOU CAN AVOID IT. What supplementary forms, you say? Well it depends on the scholarship(s) you are applying for (indicate which you are applying for on the first page of the app form). More information on each can be found at the link I provided at the top, but the gist is this: Law Foundation needs: Just the first page of the app form filled out and a reference. Arthur Allister MacBain needs: This is directed to students active extracurricularly and/or in the community, and requires you to write a letter describing your activities (see more at link); you need to provide contact info for two people who can verify your activity. Also needs first app page and reference. J. Gerald Godsoe needs: Provide a letter (I'm guessing similar in length to a personal statement?) describing your participation or interest in Canadian public policy issues. Also needs first app page and reference. Al Meghji needs: You have to be the first person in your family to attend university (see more at link). If you aren't, you need not apply. Also needs first app page and reference. Schulich needs: This is the unique one. You apply based on two of the three following factors: a) Financial need, b) Academic Excellence, or c) community involvement / public service. All three need the first app page and reference. If you choose financial need, fill out the second page of the scholarship application form as well (admissions told me to fill out this form as it applies to you right now). If you choose academic excellence, they should already have your transcripts so you are good. If you choose Community involvement / public service, you need to provide a letter describing those activities and the contact information of two people who can verify your participation (same instructions as letter for Arthur Allister MacBain). You do not need to indicate which two of the three factors you have selected, as admissions will be able to determine that based on what you have and haven't provided to them (unless you gave them all three... which is... just don't do that I guess). If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me and I'll let you know if I can help. You can also contact admissions directly at 902.494.3495, they are quite helpful. We're all in this together. Keep your stick on the ice.
  11. Called Schulich admissions today, they say it just means that a decision is pending. No need for panic.
  12. I second the idea of applying to a Prairie safety school if you're really worried. It's not too late to apply to Saskatchewan!
  13. @Student2 Where did you read this? Mine says the same, and they don't even have all my supporting documents in yet. Not to toot my own horn, but I find it very unlikely that I would rejected out of hand with a good GPA and a 169.
  14. Hypothetically..

    Now that we're past Nov. 1 your options have shrunk quite a bit; Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba schools are done taking new applications as of the beginning of the month. Saskatchewan's application date is still some time away (Feb. 1) and has a fairly low mean LSAT for admitted students (159), so that may be an appealing option. If you think you can get your LSAT over 160 on your rewrite, you might also consider Dalhousie.
  15. Part B help

    Not that I know anything that you don't know already, but I used enough description to get my point across (i.e. more than a single line if necessary) while still being brief. Here are some of my Part B bullet points for reference. -Presented a poster to summarize scientific research titled “[TITLE REDACTED FOR SAKE OF ANONYMITY]” at the 2016 meeting of the Canadian Society for Brain Behaviour and Cognition (CSBBCS) in Ottawa -Worked as a teacher’s assistant during graduate school over several terms, for courses in topics such as cognition and statistics -From 2005 to 2015, helped with race course set-up and takedown as a volunteer for the annual Cops for Cancer Half-Marathon in Winnipeg Hope that's helpful in some way.