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  1. How recently after putting in the application did you find out about out your waitlist status? I put mine in two days ago, haven't seen anything yet. Edit: Whoops, just noticed this is a year old! Not used to 2018 yet I guess! How did everything turn out for you @amb?
  2. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Got the email few hours ago. 169, high GPA. Psychology honours undergrad, in a master of science program right now. Good references, no law experience. Personal statement was adequate, some work experience, very little volunteering. Didn't come with an entrance award, but apparently these are being announced in March, before the March 31st response deadline. Probably turning it down. Best of luck, y'all.
  3. @Law99 Congrats! Apparently they send it out about a week after the email goes out from what I remember (maybe a business week?), then it has to get to you through the mail. Mine took a bit over two weeks to get to me. Btw the email is official enough, you're definitely in!
  4. I wouldn't worry too much about blanks in your application, they just don't do a good job of staying on top of keeping that up to date.
  5. Accepted to UVic 2018

    Different schools, different schedules. UVic just started sending out their early offers last week, UBC started mid-November. I see on your other post that you just got accepted to UBC, so you could extrapolate and expect to get an offer in mid-December. But again: different schools operate on different schedules, and also have different ways of evaluating students. You may yet not get an offer at all from UVic, however unlikely that may be. Regardless, the Accepted thread isn't the place to make complaints like this.
  6. Accepted to UVic 2018

    Application all done and sent in on October 18th. Status updated to sent to review a couple of weeks later (not sure exactly). Then nothing until today, when I got the phone call an hour ago. Status still says submitted for review.
  7. Accepted to UVic 2018

    Checked periodically since applying in late October, no changes after application finished and sent for review (still unchanged now after call, for the moment)
  8. Accepted to UVic 2018

    Dang you beat me to making the post! Undergrad GPA: 4.11/4.5 LSAT: 169 Currently in Master of Science program, wrote a thesis for 4 year undergrad. Good references, nothing notable for extracurriculars or volunteering.
  9. UBC, Dalhousie, Calgary, and Victoria. Stuck with four because my LSAT and GPA are high enough that I don't think I need to scattershot to make sure I get in somewhere, and also application fees are an issue for me. Gotten into UBC and Dalhousie, waiting to hear from Victoria. I have to wait until this semester is over before I can send my transcript to Calgary, because I'm signed up for a single ungraded "course" that it turns out I didn't even need to take EDIT: Also I avoided Ontario schools because of the ridiculous way they structure their application fees with OLSAS, and I generally don't care for the idea of living in Toronto enough to go all in on U of T.
  10. Scholarships?

    Honestly, just call them. They have been very helpful and reasonable in my calls with them, I'm sure they'll sort you out better than us just guessing.
  11. Yeah they take a much more lackadaisical approach than other schools, from what I can tell from my calls with them. I kind of prefer it really, they're very reasonable and approachable. I encourage anyone anxious about their status to just call them, they don't bite.
  12. I am 99.9% sure that this information is private. The only case where I could see an institution being made aware of another one of your applications would be if you told more than one school that you would attend their program in the Fall. Other than that, even if they did know I can't see how they would count that against you in any way. They don't expect you to only apply to their school, and would probably be surprised if you didn't apply to any others.
  13. Submitting Your Application

    @goals101 Wait for the Fall grades.
  14. How many programs are people applying to?

    I did 4: UBC, Victoria, Calgary, and Dalhousie. Feels like a good number to have options without wasting money on tons of applications.
  15. Accepted today, applied October 19th. GPA: 4.11/4.5. LSAT: 169. Atlantic Canada resident. Best of luck guys!