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  1. In Queue 2018

    In queue as well. 3.0, 167
  2. Application Status

    It says on the site it will remain red until your final May grades are received. I imagine they'd look at your file before that though, someone reported a conditional acceptance in their 2nd year so theirs was obviously reviewed.
  3. Referred to Admissions Committee

    Still pending as well. I'll take it over a rejection.
  4. [2.8 / no LSAT] Non-Competitivie applicant

    You could also look at schools that drop your lowest credits regardless of which year they're from (UNB, Manitoba, Victoria and UBC) Manitoba's conversion and drops took me from a 3.0 to about 3.5.
  5. Accepted to UNB 2018

    "If the applicant has completed three years (or equivalent), the lowest 15% of the grades are excluded from the calculation of the applicant’s GPA; if the applicant has completed four or more years (or equivalent), the lowest 25% are excluded; if an applicant is currently in their final year of a four year degree program, the lowest 25% will be excluded."
  6. This was true for me as well. If you've put in the work, don't psych yourself out. Good luck!!
  7. Accepted 2018

    It's an email saying to check the application site
  8. Handling radio silence?

    You're not alone! I believe this forum makes it worse, but I just can't stop refreshing...
  9. Chance me? (166/3.25)

    FWIW, @UnbLaw2018 was accepted with 3.3/160. I am from Ontario with almost identical stats as you, applied in November and have not heard back either way.
  10. Rejection Timeline?

    Has anyone else been green circled for a couple months?
  11. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    Same here
  12. Accepted 2018

    Congrats! Have you accepted your offer already?
  13. Thanks all! Anyone know how competitive residence is? Do people generally get their first choice?
  14. Chances? [3.0 / no LSAT]

    Look into UNB and Manitoba. They drop your lowest courses regardless of which year they're from.
  15. Accepted 2018

    This wave is likely for people who wrote the lsat in December and didn’t have scores in by the early admission date. Don’t be concerned!