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  1. Line of Credit

    http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/common/pdf/personal_banking/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf You can reach out to the representative in either city. They will email you a package/application form to start the process.
  2. If it eases your anxiety, remember that it took many reference letters for a professor to get to their position - most are happy to pay it forward.
  3. CIBC offers 100k at prime+1 with a co-signer and won’t match other banks.
  4. What makes a good law clerk?

    It was always my end goal. I applied after undergrad and didn't get in so I went to college instead. Earned money for a few years, built a resume/network, re-wrote the lsat and applied again. This mindset kind of prevented me from thinking about my job in the long-term, but it is definitely possible to have a fulfilling career as a law clerk.
  5. What makes a good law clerk?

    I did the law clerk program at an Ontario public college a few years ago and will be starting law school in September. I think I can answer most of your questions. The majority of my classmates were hired on after their field placement. I have classmates on Bay Street, in-house legal departments and small firms across the province. I know of starting salaries ranging from 35-45k, depending mostly on the size of the firm, but 60k+ is definitely possible after some years of experience. As a law clerk, you will not have to worry about bringing in clients. Depending on the field, you may interact with clients a lot or not at all. I would aruge that the most valuable skill for a junior law clerk is attention to detail - no lawyer would want a clerk who constantly makes mistakes. The work-life balance that you seek is very possible for a law clerk. In my experience, bigger firms are less busy and more flexible since they can afford to be over-staffed. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.
  6. Need serious input on chances! [2.84 / 155]

    I believe UofA accepts graduate grades for their L2.
  7. Chance (cGPA=3.8/4.33; 165)

    Great stats. UVic's auto-admit score this year was 915 and that's just for first-round offers - I made the waitlist with an 880. You're also in at U of M, even without factoring in drops. (((LSAT-120)/60)*50) + ((GPA/4.5)*50)
  8. Chances for Fall 2019?

    You can calculate your index score with this formula: (GPA out of 4.33 x 125) + (LSAT percentile x 5) and gauge your chances. Remember to convert each grade to the 4.33 scale, not just your average. This year's auto-admit score was 915 but it has been as low as 905 in previous years.
  9. Still on Wait List?

    July 3rd is the date that provisional acceptances turn firm on OLSAS, so it is relevant for the dual program as well.
  10. Odds of improving day of

    I also scored higher than my PT average. Probably a combination of luck and added pressure.
  11. I received a rejection letter in the mail today, dated June 20. No email and my status still shows written notification to follow.
  12. Residence at U of M

    The top floor of the building is reserved for the graduate studies community
  13. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    I was accepted earlier this week and have just declined my offer. B2 is probably around 3.1/4.0, 167, no SK connection.
  14. Not yet, my SOLUS has just changed from pending to unsuccessful
  15. I was finally rejected today and know others who were also rejected this week.