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  1. Scotiabank PSLOC

    Update: Called Wayne the Scotiabank TRU rep and he corrected the information I was given at the meeting. I guess this is evidence that supports talking to someone who knows what they are doing!
  2. Scotiabank PSLOC

    I just had a meeting with a Scotiabank advisor and was told that the limit for law students was $100,000. Has this changed since last year?
  3. Honestly TRU is super hard to predict because they are holistic. One struggle with your GPA is that you don’t really have an upwards trajectory in the later years of your degree. Be careful with assuming you’ll knock the LSAT out of the park. I was testing in the 165 range and completely bombed under the test conditions. Even if you do great on the LSAT, Canadian schools in general put a large emphasis on GPA. By all means apply for next cycle, but you may want to look into doing another year or two and applying to schools which take your best two years (as well as the holistic schools). Again, I’m not an expert on this and there are always exceptions to every rule.
  4. I think you would likely need to rewrite the LSAT. TRU is holistic, but I think a 152 might be a bit low to get in. For reference I had a 156 (with special considerations) and a 3.8 GPA when I was accepted. I fully expected to have to reapply next cycle. For some perspective a 152 puts you at about the 52nd percentile meaning that almost half of all test takers scored higher than you. If you don't get in this year (although I hope you do!), try to bring your LSAT score up into the high 150s and you should be good! That being said, you never know! There was someone who got off the waitlist with similar stats to you last year.
  5. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Awesome, thanks. Just sent my join request.
  6. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Is the facebook group up and running?
  7. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Nope! I hadn't heard from them since I sent in my application back in October!
  8. Accepted to TRU 2018

    In! 156 and around a 3.8 on the TRU scale! First acceptance so this is a huge relief!
  9. Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Congrats! Are you a fourth year or are you done your degree already?
  10. Referred to Admissions Committee

    Mine changed to referred to admissions committee sometime in the last few days.
  11. In Queue 2018

    Went in queue yesterday. Pretty low LSAT at 156 (special considerations) so I'm expecting a rejection. 3.7 GPA
  12. Was waitlisted this morning. 156 3.7 GPA
  13. Chances? Any thoughts appreciated

    To have a good chance you’ll likely have to score above a 155. Preferably in the 159 range to put you at their averages. Special consideration applicants are very hard to predict, so you never know. Good luck!
  14. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    I also got this. I don’t think that it’s a big deal, but I was dissapointed that it wasn’t a decision on my application!
  15. I received the email on January 8th. My stats are very borderline, so I doubt I will hear back for awhile unless it’s a rejection.