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  1. You shouldn't need to do anything. I'd call/email about it because it didn't take that long for me.
  2. Accepted 2018

    From what I understand, "Written notification to follow" is the default message you will see on dalonline prior to anything being complete or decided. On my page it still says just that. The "under review" email should arrive soon after all of your documents are collected.
  3. Accepted 2018

    In this morning as well. Got the under review email on the 24th. 168 LSAT, 3.99/4.3 L2, NS resident.
  4. I think the average LSAT is 161 and the average LSAT for non-residents is 164. I've seen both figures as well. I've seen 3.7 stated for GPA but I have no idea if this is referring to the entering class CGPA or the L2. I assume it would be on the Dalhousie undergrad 4.3 scale, so a 3.7 CGPA seems more in-line with the admission standards than an average 3.7/4.3 L2. If you want an indication of what you will need for admittance it'd be best to look at the previous accepted threads as well as the topics on index scores.
  5. Admissions Status and Questions

    It isn't really. Some get that email and others are accepted point blank. It does seem that people will get some sort of communication within 2 weeks of everything updating on the processed application page. But I'm not sure about that.
  6. Admissions Status and Questions

    That's the default status.
  7. Reference Submission

    Yes, they can email or mail them. You identify your references in your online application. I wouldn't risk submitting the online application way later, but in my case one of my references submitted earlier than I had expected and they still collected everything despite I not having completed the online application.
  8. Is anyone else really exhausted and burnt out?

    A lot of the users on TLS do this because they feel the need to get into t14. A lot of them do every practice test, usually drilled sections for older ones and full tests for the newer ones. A lot of them also will redo individual logic games multiple times with a few days break in between until they get it done in 5-6 minutes without error, to get a better sense of the general mechanics asked upon during that section. While I think the volume some of the guys are working with is a bit unnecessary, especially for those in Canada hoping to break 160, I think the methods they use are pretty helpful. Also, to the OP, I would recommend slowing down your practice as you approach the test. Unless you know it doesn't personally work for you otherwise, having free time to do whatever on the days before the test can help your nerves on testday.
  9. Accepted 2018

    Admission at some point in the cycle with those stats would be consistent with the mildly lower admission standards of the past few years even without resident status. With resident status I would suspect you to be a candidate for earlier admission.
  10. ABA Law School Admissions Changes

    The challenge of either is irrelevant if one appears to be the better indicator of Law School performance, Bar passage rates, etc.
  11. I struggle to believe that anyone in the legal community would associate UVA Law with racism. Maybe a no-name school in the South, but UVA has been keeping up with T6 schools in employment statistics for a while now.
  12. I would suspect that you are a strong candidate for early acceptance if your GPA is on a 4.0 scale. If not then, surely by the second wave in the new year.
  13. Is it getting harder to get into law school? 2018

    Oh, I apologize for being careless regarding the median scores - any real change here in Canada (given the higher standards here than in the US) will probably be reflected in the mean. Most likely I think the increases will, as you said, come from test takers who scored below the median. But I think a number of high GPA splitters could see their scores appreciate a few points from say a 155 to a 157 - perhaps enough, when combined with other factors driving the increase in applications, to improve the average admitted LSAT by a point. I just looked back at the figures I mentioned earlier and apparently June test takers were up 20% from last year. That'd probably be enough, if continued through Sept-Dec-Feb, to make things for competitive alone.
  14. Is it getting harder to get into law school? 2018

    It won't be anything dramatic, I agree, but the way things are now, every borderline candidate with 3 tries done effectively has a free dart to throw to improve by even a point (and in my experience, even if there is a "ceiling" on how well anyone will realistically do, there is a bit of a random element to whether someone is given questions they find easier or more difficult than others. A good example is the presence of a difficult logic games section that stalls a test taker from getting to the fourth game). Borderline candidates who decide against retaking (or took their only test, say, in the February of that cycle) will be a bit disadvantaged. I also don't think it's a complete coincidence that this new policy has been met with a rise in test takers, whether it's people from a few cycles back now getting the opportunity, or people being more liberal in deciding to take the test, as they know there is little punishment for under-performing on any single test. And yeah, I have to imagine a soft consideration on how many tests one has taken (beyond a certain threshold) will become explicit at some point.
  15. Is it getting harder to get into law school? 2018

    The number of good scores out there is related to the number of people taking the test. If people start taking the test 4+ times now because the restrictions have been lifted, more people will be able to apply with good scores. I wonder if more Canadian schools will soon adopt the t14/UoT policy on multiple scores (I think Western has something like that too). Another curveball in years going is whether or not the GRE will be accepted by Canadian schools at some point.