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  1. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    I was also part of the breach. I wonder if the fact that our data was being sent somewhere with all of our summarized info means that we have an acceptance coming? Or, maybe it's just because they were grouping one gigantic rejection pile together.
  2. myUWindsor not working

    Same here, mine are not showing. From what I've gleaned on this forum, it seems that Windsor doesn't always update those requirements, even if they are satisfied. There was someone admitted this cycle who never saw those requirements met, however, her profile did go from "pending review" to "referred to adcom", and I think that's the key thing to watch for.
  3. Accepted 2018

    Congrats! Must feel so good to have an acceptance this early, well done! May I ask what your ECs were like?
  4. Windsor Rejected 2018

    Sorry I was mistaken - they actually TAKE your last 10 courses (or L2), not eliminate them. How is your GPA for your B2? For Saskatchewan, 4 courses a semester (8 per year) is enough to qualify as part of their B2. Maybe that brings up the GPA a bit? UNB kicks out your worst 10 courses, so that could also help. You've got options my friend!
  5. Windsor Rejected 2018

    I'm really sorry to here that LegalArmada. Have you considered applying to schools with a Feb. deadline and a GPA setup that could potentially help you? Saskatchewan takes your best 2, and Dalhousie eliminates your last 10 courses - both of which are still accepting applications. You have a great LSAT score, you should consider applying there if you haven't already! There may still be a chance, and perhaps a very good chance depending on how your GPA converts to B2 and B3
  6. Where To Live in Toronto

    Check out the Annex. It's a total gem. It's a really cozy neighborhood near the U of T campus, and while you won't be able to walk to the financial district in 15-20 minutes, you'll certainly be able to take a short subway ride. The Bloor and Yonge subway lines intersect at the Annex so going anywhere by subway is extremely easy and efficient. I lived in the Annex (Bloor and Spadina) for 3 years and it was beautiful I loved it.
  7. Accepted to Western 2018

    Wow everybody congrats on getting on today!!! Those stats are AMAZING! 3.99 GPA?? 170 LSAT? Absolutely amazing. I am 28 and applied under Mature with 3.65 L2 and 158.... BUT am re-writing in February, I know I can get at least 160. Seeing all these stats and scores higher than mine motivates me. I know I'm gonna kill the Feb LSAT and see you glorious bastards come March acceptances!!
  8. Yes, I did hear back. I was told that with my current stats, I would have been competitive for a spot last year off the wait list - but that THIS year they have even more applicants, so I couldn't be guaranteed the same result. It was kind of a non-answer, but the implication was that I should re-write the LSAT in February regardless because my stats aint good enough to be accepted AT LEAST until way later in the Spring. I imagine that if my stats were good enough now, they would not wait to accept me. I think I was just trying to rationalize my 158 - I've gotta do better in February and what I was told from UNB basically confirmed that. EDIT: I would also add that with our stats, we probably are competitive/even likely to get in this cycle off the wait list, but that's not a chance I want to take.
  9. Interesting - my September LSAT score is now gone from OLSAS. I would imagine this means they are uploading the new score? Not sure.
  10. Wednesday eh? OLSAS can go suck a lemon
  11. Woops, sorry, didn't realize this was in a UBC thread. I have NOT been accepted by UBC... just rambling on over here...
  12. I majored in philosophy, and that's because I love philosophy. But also, you want to choose a major that you feel you can get great marks in. Ultimately, if you're trying to get into law school, you want to choose a major in which you can obtain the highest GPA possible. Because I love philosophy, I really put effort into my assignments, papers, presentations, etc., and as a result, got great marks. If I had to major in psychology, or political science, or some other Arts degree or (god forbid) a science degree, the innate interest just wouldn't have been there, and my marks would have suffered for sure. It really doesn't matter at all which major you choose. Law schools don't discriminate on which major you choose, they really just want to see that you have a high GPA and have the ability to study hard and learn challenging material. If Chemistry is your jam, major in Chemistry. If you love history, major in history and go ape shit. Make sure it's something you are genuinely curious about and want to learn about, then, try like hell and give your best shot.
  13. Accepted to UNB 2018

    Congrats!!! Bring on the next wave!
  14. Seeking GPA calc clarification

    I am not 100% certain on this, but I believe the 24 minimum credits is referring to a 3-credit-per-course scale where one course equals 3 credits. In that case, 24 credits a year would mean minimum 4 credits per semester (4 courses at 3 credits each = 12 credits a semester, 24 credits for 2 semesters). What makes me believe this further is that 4 or 5 courses a semester is considered full time, whereas 3 and less is considered part time, and it makes sense that they would only consider full-time course loads in your B2.