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  1. Chances CGPA 3.5, L2 3.85, 161?

    I got in on Wednesday with a 3.55, 3.84, 163
  2. Only overall for me as well.
  3. Yes. I did all 3 transcript requests at once (see my post above) and it charged me $12 per.
  4. Awesome. Thanks. I already did the transcript requests for current grades, "after fall" and "after winter" so I don't have to worry about ordering them again
  5. Cheers! I assume they'll update it when Fall marks come in? Should bump me up 0.05!
  6. Don't cancel. You could be pleasantly surprised by your score. Either way, most schools only care about your highest score. Unless your #1 choice averages, there's literally no benefit to canceling
  7. I know that employers (although whether they should or shouldn't is another question) often times do check your social media. This may be different, however, given that they likely only gave job offers to a few candidates, making it a fairly quick task. Law schools on the other hand have thousands of applicants and I doubt they have the time nor the patience to check every single candidate, even only those admitted (which is still a few hundred) . Either way, your social media is a reflection of you as a person and of your character, and more importantly, it's there forever. Ergo you should be very careful about posting anything controversial or anything that could be misinterpreted. Long story short: delete it, clean it up, or revamp your privacy settings. Not for law school, but because it's just good practice in general.
  8. I've scoured the forums and read the FAQs on OLSAS but I'm still a tad confused. Western said I have until April 1 to decide. Since it's one of my top choices, should I just go ahead and provisionally accept now? What happens then? And then let's say I then get an offer at u of t (my first choice) or Queen's (debating between Western and Queen's) and I provisionally accept one of those, I assume Western becomes declined? Thanks for any insight
  9. This gives me hope! Anyhow, congrats!!
  10. In Queue 2018

    Also in queue since Nov 15 and haven't heard since
  11. I would assume no but I'm not 100% sure about that.
  12. You won't hear anything until the schools receive your LSAT score
  13. Accepted to Western 2018

    Status just changed to the little green check mark! Over the moon as I didn't expect to hear back this early and Western is one of my top choices! LSAT - 155, 163 cGPA - 3.55 L2 - 3.84
  14. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if no one heard until after the new year