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  1. Congrats! Are you a Maritimer or non-Maritimes applicant?
  2. Chances 3.8 GPA/ 158 LSAT

  3. Chances 3.8 GPA/ 158 LSAT

    Like a 3.8
  4. Chances 3.8 GPA/ 158 LSAT

    Bump- thanks
  5. I have a 3.6 GPA with a 158 LSAT. Strong LORs and ECs. What are my chances like? Thanks!
  6. Queen's vs. Dalhousie

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I appreciate the insight!
  7. Queen's vs. Dalhousie

    Apologies. Should have provided more details. I've been in Vancouver my entire life and did my undergrad at UBC. I'd like to get a new experience and none of the prairie schools are attractive. I'd like the small college town experience. I've already lived in Ottawa and it was okay. Through process of elimination, Dal and Queen's seem the most reputable. I'd like to go back to Vancouver and practice corporate with a big firm. Alumni I've spoken to from both schools seem really proud with no regrets. I think Queen's is in a true college town and situated between Canada's poltiical and financial capitals. Dal has a great rep as well and seems like a truly national school with students from all places. Having a hard time deciding between the two.
  8. Chances 3.8 GPA/ 158 LSAT

    Sorry! Think it's like a 3.5-3.6
  9. Queen's vs. Dalhousie

    Hey! I'm from BC and have heard great things about both schools. Alumni from both seem to be very proud and the schools both have a great reputation. Thanks!
  10. Hey! What are my chances with a 3.8/4.33 GPA, 158 LSAT, strong ECs and LORS - out of province Thanks!
  11. What are my chances with a 3.8 GPA, 158 LSAT, strong ECs and LORS - out of province