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  1. Environmental Law Centre clinic

    Thanks you two, PM'd you!
  2. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Environmental Law Centre clinic at UVic and would be willing to talk about it?
  3. As I am deciding which law school to attend (between UVic and UBC), I'd like some experience from UBC students, in particular if you're doing the Specialization in Environmental and Natural Resource Law. I noticed there is no clinic for environmental law... is it possible to otherwise get practical ("experiential") experience during your time at UBC?
  4. I concur with the other posts. Definitely read a nice textbook on the basics of LG and then use 7sage (especially their "fool-proof method") to practise, practise, practise. BTW, old textbooks for LG are just fine.
  5. is 30 too old to start law school?

    That's the key! We all come into our own in our own time. 30 is the right age for you, so don't worry about anyone else.
  6. Accepted to UVic 2018

    So happy to have been accepted! GPA 86% LSAT 167 Good luck!
  7. Offer came in yesterday! LSAT: 167 GPA: 86% after drops. I miscalculated and thought it was 80%. Awaiting UVic's decision. Good luck all!
  8. I worked full time and just used every free moment to study. Wrote 163 for my first attempt and 167 for the second. You do not need to study full time. Make a plan for every week, be strict and dedicated, and it'll be fine.
  9. I agree and think your point is completely legitimate. I just meant if one can avoid taking out a loan entirely, i.e. leaving law school debt-free, that is preferable in my eyes. Since I grew up with particular money-related values, it was important to save for law school and not go into debt, and that has relieved me of a lot of stress.
  10. You "save" (why quotation marks here?) enough to not have $22K + 30K loans to pay back. I would never want that sort of debt hanging over me.
  11. Accepted to UVic 2018

    Congrats! When did you apply?
  12. Thanks for info. I'll follow your advice. This has made me aware that I never received login information and so can't even check my application status. I have a few questions for the staff at this point!
  13. UVic is all I want. UBC would just be icing. Crossing my fingers...
  14. I meant Christmas 2017 obviously. Can't edit posts. I'm face-palming rn.
  15. Thanks for the info! Wow, how do you find housing that late?? Anyway, I do have a transcript, but it can't be forwarded from the university anymore (I finished my Bachelor in 2010). I think I uploaded it during the app process. Did you do something similar?