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  1. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Accepted. LSAT: 153, 159 L2: 4.0/4.0
  2. Queen’s or UAlberta

    Thank you everyone for your insight.
  3. Queen’s or UAlberta

    Hey everyone, I am currently interested in practicing within BC someday. However, the only schools that I have gotten into so far are Queen’s and Alberta. Do you think that it would be a better choice long term to go to Alberta if the plan is to practice in BC? Please let me know what you think, any response is appreciated.
  4. Accepted to Alberta 2018

    Accepted today! Beyond happy. L2: 4.0 LSAT: 153
  5. Helped clear out some of my anxieties. Thank you for the suggestion.
  6. I am also above the indicator according to my 153 LSAT and 4.0 L2 (confirmed). I wonder, how reliable has the predictor actually been? I also have this fear that this cycle will be more competitive than ever, and that this predictor will "fail." But apparently this feeling is felt by a lot of individuals during each cycle.
  7. Chances

    If your GPA is confirmed as a 4.0 on the Alberta scale, then based on last year's statistics you would most likely be admitted. Just going based on what others have told me. Good luck!
  8. Chances with an upwards trend in CGPA?

    I took more than 4 years, so no my GPA was not under 1.0 for my first year. Thank you though, I appreciate your quick response. Hopefully, I can get in another year with a higher lsat if not this cycle.
  9. I have applied to uOttawa but I am concerned that the way OLSAS converts my cgpa will lower my chances. I have roughly around a 3.22 cgpa and have a 153 lsat. However, I do have amazing ecs and references and my last 3 years/last 2 years are basically reflective of a 4.0 GPA (and the upwards trend is drastic). What do you think my chances are? Little to none? Or good? Thank you and I appreciate any feedback.
  10. May I ask if this is from last year?
  11. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    Awesome, I guess it still feels too good to be true. But we shall wait and see what happens. Thank you.
  12. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    Thank you so much for your help. Feel like I am sitting on the edge as a splitter. Hopefully, I can get in.
  13. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    It is confirmed as 4.0.
  14. Chance me - B2/L2 - 4.0/4.0, LSAT 153

    Do you think that previous years' information can be applied consistently for this year's cycle? Just curious. I saw 10 + people being admitted with an LSAT of 151-154 in the regular category's applicant profile last year. But do not know what to make of it.