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  1. Hi all, I'm wondering what supporting docs. would look like for discretionary applicants in the case of a non-medical reason? It's pretty clear-cut what kind of documentation would be used to back up medical reasons but I'm not too sure about other, perhaps way more personal, cases. I'd prefer not to go into too much detail about my own personal circumstances, but it is related to family issues incl. a divorce. I'm possibly open to answering questions if it helps to elaborate on my question. Thanks very much in advance.
  2. Index for automatic admission

    Does anyone know how repeated courses fit into your total accumulated credits/units? Do they include the units from both attempts or is the worse attempt essentially erased off completely and replaced by the better attempt?
  3. Accepted to TRU 2018

    Awesome, congrats! Also, this makes me super happy haha (my stats are pretty much identical to yours and I'll be applying for next cycle)
  4. Chances? (LSAT 162, L90 3.6)

    Thank you very much for your reply! This definitely gives me some peace of mind as I'll be applying for next year's cycle
  5. I'm wondering about repeated courses in your undergrad and how this works with the L90 credits that TRU looks at. I took the intro course for Psychology (my major) at my university in my first semester but basically screwed around and did very minimal studying. I'm considering retaking this course now in my last year of my undergrad since it would be super easy and low-level for me and I would obviously take it more seriously. I just wanted to know if TRU would consider this as part of my L90, rather than considering it as just taking the place of those first credits in my first semester. (Hope this makes sense). Would like to know so I don't waste time/money on retaking a course I wouldn't otherwise need to. Help please!!
  6. Hey everyone, just wondering what my chances are for admission into TRU. LSAT score is 162 and while I'm not quite finished my undergrad degree yet, I'd estimate that my L90 turns out to be ~3.5 or ~3.6. ECs - volunteer at the Suicide Prevention Centre working the crisis lines and 1-800-SUICIDE lines, work as an outreach worker for the John Howard Society (which works to help individuals with mental illness/substance misuse/involvement with the justice system, etc. reintegrate into society, find employment, housing, etc.). Various research assistant positions at my university, volunteered at a summer camp for kids with autism for two summers, went on a service trip to the Bronx, helped organize a fundraiser for a multiple sclerosis treatment. Additionally, have worked various jobs throughout my whole undergrad. Any input is greatly appreciated :). Thanks guys.