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  1. Chances?159 LSAT/4.0 CGPA?

    Awesome! Thanks.
  2. Chances? 159 LSAT, 4.0 CGPA

    Thanks, chaboywb! I'm in psychology.
  3. Chances? 159 LSAT, 4.0 CGPA

    Seriously? Well, that made my day! I really hope to get into OZ.
  4. Chances? 159 LSAT, 4.0 CGPA

    Dude, you gave me a heart attack!!! Yes, straight A+. Well, so far that is --I'm in my final year.
  5. Chances? 159 LSAT, 4.0 CGPA

    What?!?! A+ at York seems to correspond to a 4.0 according to the chart: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/
  6. Chances? 159 LSAT, 4.0 CGPA

    Top choice is OZ! It's 4.0/4.0. (9.0/9.0 at York.)
  7. I'm a YorkU student in my final year of undergrad. I don't feel particularly confident about re-writing. Any chances given my low LSAT score?
  8. First time poster here! Just received my LSAT score today. Kinda bummed by how borderline it is, but whatcha gonna do... Don't think I want to risk re-writing. So, what are my chances at Canadian schools? (my preference is to stay in Ontario)