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  1. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Just a heads up to anyone applying to UofC in the Indigenous category I spoke with Malina and she has indicated that all Indigenous applicants should receive a decision by the end of March or early April. Hope this is helpful for anyone waiting on a decision!
  2. Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Waitlisted in the afternoon today. L2: 3.45 cGPGA: Awful LSAT: 161 Green circle early January. Good softs and work experience but probably a sub-par statement.
  3. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    I haven't replied back to UVic yet, not sure if I want to do a 4 year program, but I did receive the email!
  4. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Has anyone else applied at UofC in the Indigenous category? Any ideas on what their timeline for looking at applicants is?
  5. Rejection Timeline?

    Been green circle for 3 weeks and I'm losing my mind can't imagine how you're coping. What are your stats?
  6. Updated Chances 2.9 cGPA 3.45 L20 and B20 161 LSAT

    Thanks! My fingers are crossed either way! I should add that I have good EC's (Exec on Student Society, Non-profit board member, JDCWest, lot's of volunteering, good work experience) and probably mid-range LoR's. I'm very confident about Sask given I'm a resident and have a strong connection but I'm hoping for UofC as I'd like to make the move to Calgary.
  7. I applied to Sask and Calgary do I have a chance with such a low cGPA? Thanks!
  8. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Congrats! Do you know when you went green circle?
  9. Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Fingers crossed for you both! When did you go green circle?
  10. Chances? LSAT 161 L2 3.3

    LSAT: 161 L2/B2 GPA: 3.35 CGPA: 2.8 - 3 Unfortunately I had an awful first two years. Extras: 200+ hours of volunteer experience in the community. Executive on Business Students' Society. Non-profit board member. Also applying in the aboriginal category.
  11. Calling all Aboriginal Applicants/Students

    Hey everyone, First congrats to all those that wrote the September 2017 LSAT and are receiving their scores today! I just got mine so I'm hoping this forum can provide some insight. 3.3gpa 161 LSAT what are my chances? (UofS, UofC, Western, Queens, Dal) Thanks!