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  1. A law school to match my personality

    I have no advice to give but I just wanted to comment and say that this post made my day
  2. Chances? OLSAS GPA 3.8/LSAT 152

    I read on Queens’ website that your LSAT should at least be 157 to be considered competitive, it might be best to redo it :/ have you already applied?
  3. From what many of the people have said on the website, apparently, it's better to stay in Canada. If you have a disability, but otherwise have a strong profile (ECs, LOR, medical documentation of your disability) you can apply through the Access or Discretionary Section I don't know about transferring midway to a Canadian Law School so maybe someone else can speak on that Prospective law firms tend to favour domestic degrees from what I heard.
  4. Dean's open house

  5. you can plug it in this to see your chances! : http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/UBC/Predict
  6. Dean's open house

    Ditto, can someone update this thread once the open house happens? I'd love to attend but currently am stuck out in Toronto :/
  7. How Long Were You Green Circled?

    Around a week and then accepted
  8. Tips on enhancing a GPA to get into law school

    Sorry to hear about that and I won't ask what the tough situation was because this is a public forum, but maybe you can apply through the access/discretionary category then? I think if you go that route you'll have a much better chance! Don't give up hope, if law school is your dream and you demonstrate consistent improvement/have documentation to show why you had lower marks in 1st and 2nd year I think you will be fine (just study hard for the LSAT and write a kick-ass PS!)
  9. Chance of acceptance to Law School

    I might be wrong (so someone correct me if I am) but I don't think it looks too good to write the LSAT 5 times. If you're able to score 165-175 within the first 1-2 times (maybe 3) I think you should be able to get into all 3 schools, I think you should do a diagnostic first, see where you're at and go from there! Good luck and with some hard work I'm sure you have a fair shot
  10. Calgary for law school, practicing in Ontario

    I've heard of people who graduated from UCalgary Law practicing in Vancouver but I haven't heard of it happening for Ontario. I think you should go where you want to practice
  11. I understand that for most of the people that responded to OP the aim was to educate and not to be malicious (at least I hope). But given that OP seems pretty set on her perspective of the school’s responsibility vs her own responsibility I think maybe it’s better to move on like Hegdis suggests? I feel like it comes down to personal opinion/the way someone’s been raised and I doubt this Internet forum can change OP’s worldview/way of approaching responsibilty overnight. Also, to return to what OP posted, good job on getting waitlisted for Windsor! I wish you the best
  12. Accepted to Calgary 2018

    I’ve been waiting for this post! So glad you got in—you deserve it
  13. I did my undergrad in Toronto and I’m originally from Vancouver-the sense of independence is certainly nice and taught me a lot. However you have to consider the toll that law school may take on you and whether having the suppprt of your family may alleviate some of that stress. I know you say you don’t have a great relationship with your parents, but to clarify is it like they annoy you/are too smothering or is it actually detrimental to your mental health? If its the former you may appreciate them more once in law school and on top of that save quite a bit of money on food and rent! sorry if I come off as paternalistic or condescending I obviously don’t know your situation personally but if I could go to law school near my home and live with my parents I would (I just don’t have high enough hard stats to do that :’( ) Just my two cents and I wish you the best in whatever you decide!