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  1. Lawyers with accents

    It's been quite a long and arduous thread so I'll say this and leave here. The apparently prominent struggle with syntax, first this is the Internet so I'm not going to write with the Queen's English here. Second it's something that can be learnt very easily by reading a lot of written materials by native speakers. unlike accents, as science backs me up, the critical age hypothesis is generally the accepted norm. I hate making excuses, but based on people around me it's seems to be true. I have watched a lot of Ted talks, and there are a lot of presenters with mild to thick accents. They are understandable most of the time. But some times I miss a thing or two and I start to feel that there are gaps, and it becomes harder to connect the dots. Of course accent matters when it hinders with comprehension. And all this time American accent is harder for me to tell apart one phrase from another. (backed up by my white Canadian friends that there are really subtle differences that I have to nail down where as in BE the differences are more noticeable) I know of a lot of adults who have lived here for 20 years and still their proficiency is on par with that of a new English learner. It does not matter how long you haved lived here. You can't just learn the language by living here for a long period of time and trying to be immersed. Maybe for children they can. People who moved here at an older age like myself have to constantly make conscious effort to know how to pronounce the word I'm going to say next and keep learning how every possible connection of words shold sound. Peace out
  2. Lawyers with accents

    Well I did say that accent is not the sole factor. But it's the first thing that people hear when I speak. I also said even if I speak with the perfect English accent, if I can't present a persuasive and substantive arguement , then I'm not going to be a successful person in any way. but again, no matter how great of speaker you are if you can't make the jury even dictate what you say then it's going to be very hard. so making people understand should be a English learners first step. then it follows to practice how to pursuade others.
  3. Lawyers with accents

    Welp as I said I think my obsession with the accent is heavily influenced by the idealized image of a prosecutor. perfectionist, charastmatic, and sometimes cold. for that reason, I can't afford to show any of my flaws because it shows weakness. maybe for the defence you want the jury to be compassionate, we are all human beings and make mistakes and they deserve a second chance. but I digress. this thread appears to be concluded now.
  4. Lawyers with accents

    I said somewhere that even if I speak with the perfect RP, racists are gonna hate me anyway, and I'm aware of that. Yeah so I'm really conflicted. SLP told me I sound each word perfectly but she couldn't help me with connecting them and sounding more native. As someone suggested I plan on visiting another SLP. If I am gonna work freaking hard to get the RP, I can also freaking hard to get an American accent. But I'll never be a native Canadian to Canadians. That's my dilemma.
  5. Lawyers with accents

    True, but as someone pointed out, for an average Canadian it is easier to say some is not native American than not native British. Sure, accent is one part of my speech, so even if I get the perfect RP but don't speak the language fluently and can't make a great conversation, it will be a little weird. But it IS the first step. Well French is an official language in Canada... But having a bit of foreign accent is fine, but with the rhotic nature of the American English, for me it's hard to communicate clearly.
  6. Lawyers with accents

    Because again, I will only be close to, but not perfect. And again and again, BE is easier for me when I speak. Also my close friends say that when I switch to American, they go from "it's more understandable" to not understanding most of what I say in half an hour when I'm tired. I understand the recording in American accent is better, but it's different from my actual conversational ability. I've been trying to say this a lot of times thought. Oh those issues are independent I think and I need to fix both.
  7. Lawyers with accents

    Yeah, after my RP training and I still sound the same, I will completely abandon my accent. And everyone's advice here is right. But I'm really hoping for the possibility that, as I said something about the UK people learning RP, if I train really hard and actually sound British, that'll be awesome.
  8. Lawyers with accents

    Come to think of it, I overlooked the fact that people summoned for the jury duty can also be immigrants, so speaking with the accent they are used to makes more sense I guess. I just don't want to do accidental "l" and "r" switching which inevitably happens when I speak with the rhotic accent. Or not being able to clearly differentiate some words. Because that will affect someone's gravitas as a prosecutor. But I'm surprised to see how bitter some people are here.
  9. Lawyers with accents

    Yeah right? Now I'm some rapist or weirdo apparently. I also have a few friends are in a similar situations as me. Grew up in Asia, learnt the BE in Asia or the UK, now in Canada. We are all now rapists, right?
  10. Lawyers with accents

    See above. I also, so many people seemed to be angry when I said I "fake" or "force" an accent. This is the English I learnt when I was young. But since I didn't grow up speaking it, it does not sound authentic. Hence, fake. If anything, me trying to speak with an American accent is forcing it, but I can see someone can argue that since I live here I should try as hard as I can to sound like people around me. Problem is I never can.
  11. Lawyers with accents

    Yeah. I learnt the British English in Asia. Also, I plan on moving to the UK for a couple of years. And I've said this a few times earlier.
  12. Lawyers with accents

    LOL If you think is coming from someone who is offering some sincere advice or some crap, I don't know what to say. And this is the first thing you said to me. You owe me an apology. But someone like you won't care. Also, I said on number of times that my British accent is shit as of now. I said I will go through a RP training if I choose to stick with it or neutralized American if I switch. And the gist of the questions is, given that I only can 90% percent of the native-level accent, which one should I go with? But someone like you will say "oh he's just an immature child who won't listen anything that isn't sugar coated".
  13. Lawyers with accents

    I could write like that if I wanted to, but it feels like it's written by a middle school boy. I know you said you are a practicing attorney so I know you can write way better than I will ever. But someone who has contempt towards me will say it's terrible anyway.
  14. Lawyers with accents

    Again this is the Internet. I have never made that kind of mistake in university courses. I will not scrutinize every tiny detail for correctness for something that I put on the Internet.
  15. Lawyers with accents

    Welp, if I had to guess, it's Spanish. But I may be wrong.