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  1. Accepting offers

    Thanks friendo. Now I can sleep tonight. I regret doing this right before Easter weekend when everything is closed.
  2. Accepting offers

    After you changed your responses, did you immediately get an OLSAS email listing your osgoode response as "unsubmitted provisional accept"?
  3. Provisionally Accepting

    I just submitted my provisional accept/still to be considered choices on OLSAS. The email I got back has my responses listed as "Unsubmitted Provisional Accept", "Unsubmitted No Further Consideration" etc. What does this mean? After April 1 are these responses officially 'submitted'?
  4. Rejected UofT 2018

    Nicest rejection letter ever. No surprise 3.14, 165, graduate work
  5. In Queue 2018

    In queue as well. 3.14, 165. Noticing a trend with our valentine's day gang, lower GPAs, higher LSATs. Wonder what that could mean?
  6. Accepted to Western 2018

    for all the B students out there, there is hope. 165, 3.14, graduate work in STEM.
  7. In Queue 2018

    what kind of cancer tho
  8. Accepted to Western 2018

    Congrats! Surprising that admission cares whether or not your write the LSAT again, and would want to give you an opportunity to withdraw.
  9. Confirmation of Application

    Just tried and I was able to login. It says "No Application Status Information Found. Please try again tomorrow.". Very underwhelming.
  10. Confirmation of Application

    Such a vague statement, are you trying to give me a heart attack?
  11. Ottawa Application marked as incomplete

    For those who are as anxious as I am: I did some creeping on last year's threads. In 2016, the length of time between the first reported "under evaluation" change and the first reported acceptance to Ottawa was about 8 days. Hopefully it's the same this year.
  12. Hey gang- on OLSAS, my transcript from my graduate degree (which is in progress) has been marked as 'reviewed'. However, my undergraduate degree has been not. Any idea/knowledge as to why they'd stagger the review like this? Could it be because my undergrad was out of province? thanks!
  13. Do I need to add a verifier for a publication on the ABS? Can I just add the citation info instead? Seems a bit silly to have to add a verifier for something that is obviously confirmed if you just looked up the citation and saw my name.