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  1. Hello! Has anyone successfully deferred their offer of admission.. with their intention being to complete a 2 year masters program? Perhaps a deferral is not granted unless a student has encountered unforeseen health issues? I am extremely passionate about the BCL/LLB program and am certain that this is where I would like to complete my law degree. However, I am able to recognize certain advantages to completing a 2 year masters program before hand. If this meant that I had to reject my offer and risk not being accepted in the future, then I would most certainly begin in September. This is a risk that I would not be willing to take. Any thoughts or words of advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hey guys, Does anyone know when the majority of offers are released? January and February, I believe? Getting a tad anxious over here, LOL Thanks!
  3. First year readings

    Congrats on your acceptance! This is a good idea, even if some readings will not be recycled in September. They will nevertheless provide you with a worthwhile lens into the subject matter, or perhaps a glimpse into the professor's areas of interest. Sounds potentially worthwhile to me.
  4. Yes! All grades will be converted to percentage.
  5. LOR - Am I screwed?

    Thank-you for taking the time to reply. If you don't mind me asking, what was your GPA when you received an offer? I wonder if an 87.4 % (cumulative) would be considered fairly competitive. I am not familiar with the 4.0/4.3 scales.
  6. LOR - Am I screwed?

    No, according to a representative I spoke with on the phone the admissions committee will not begin reviewing application until after November 8th. If I remember correctly the earliest offers were released in December of last year. I wonder if the deadline for all supporting documents was November 8th as well... I cannot imagine the committee managing to get through hundreds of applications in just a few short weeks. I suppose we will see. sorry.. the above isn’t exactly related to your initial question. I’m just rambling
  7. LOR - Am I screwed?

    P.S - No, I highly doubt that this will make you appear disorganized/careless. One of my references sent me their letter after the fact and there were several typos. I cannot imagine being held accountable for something that was out of my hands. As long as your reference shows as being "received" I don't think you have anything to worry about. And now we wait.
  8. LOR - Am I screwed?

    Ah yes... another issue after the other is right. I have learned that I cannot stand relying on others (ha). If your reference is not showing as "received" by now I would call the BCL/LLB program directly -- 514-398-6602. You might be advised to email admissions and explain your prof's likely error -- [email protected] I learned from experience that this email is very useful. They deal with any issues quickly. GOOD LUCK!
  9. LOR - Am I screwed?

    CrimNation, I truly feel your pain. My referee agreed to complete a letter for me weeks prior to the deadline. She suddenly vanished and did not submit until just hours ago. My heart was racing. I spoke with a very kind representative on the phone. She understood the difficulty of my position and mentioned that, while McGill must be strict about deadlines, she does not suspect that my application would automatically be cancelled tomorrow morning. If your referee can submit his/her letter by tomorrow I think you might be ok. Of course I could be wrong, but this is my best guess. Hang in there.... I know how awful this is.
  10. Thanks for the reply, pzabby!
  11. Hi everyone, I recently spoke with a representative at McGill University who mentioned that the BCL/LLB program does not hold interviews. I have encountered several threads which mention phone interviews in the past. Does anyone know whether or not we should expect a phone interview this cycle? Perhaps i'll give the school another call.. Thank-you!
  12. Fair enough, will do. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I have finished my personal statement. I am a tad thrown by the margin requirement. 1.25 inches looks a little odd... Am I missing something obvious here? Thanks!
  14. McGill Law School - GPA

    Hi guys, Thanks for the replies. I contacted admissions and was told to leave it blank. Evidently our grades will be converted into percentage, if they are not already. Good luck!!
  15. Hello! Forgive me if this is a silly question... I am in the process of completing my application to McGill. I see a section where students can enter their GPA. My school uses percentages. My cumulative average is 87.4%. Does anyone know what I should list as my GPA? Thanks!