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  1. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Did anyone get interview offers from WeirFoulds?
  2. Do they just sit in a big room and discuss the candidates 1 by 1? or they have a list of people by schools? anyone have insight into this? (talking about larger/mid size Bay St firms) Also - who makes the decisions? associates? partners? the actual recruiters?
  3. I'm looking into this option and can't find clear deadlines on the web - has anyone gone through this process? What are the deadlines like? Would you recommend it?
  4. I've heard that this is because they work their students to the bone - is this true?
  5. If we have interviews throughout the day, receptions, and then dinners to attend, should we change before dinners? I.e.: I am a girl and have a reception at 5 but dinner at 6:30 pm. Should I plan time to change into a dress before the reception/dinner or would it be okay to stay in my suit (skirt and top)? what do most people do? thanks!
  6. When is clerking most common?

    Thank you for your help everyone! I have a much better picture of this clerking thing you guys rock!
  7. When is clerking most common?

    Thanks for taking the time to go through this - I didn't know about clerking until a good couple of weeks ago. Right now, I'm interested in litigation but I'm not set on it 100%. I want to explore both corporate and litigation during my summer. My biggest concern is that I'm missing a deadline that I should be applying to..I'm leaning towards just leaving the clerkship until later on in my career - I would probably like to get settled into life at a big firm before having to talk about leaving. Do most articling students go on to clerk at Bay st firms?
  8. When is clerking most common?

    I am in second year, so I'm hoping to land a summer student job at a full-service public firm in Toronto (currently at in-firm stage). After that, I plan to article at that firm. When would I clerk? After articling at the full-service firm? I'm confused about when most people do it.. I don't have a preference for clerking: perhaps the Federal Court or Superior Court of Justice? I understand the SCC is in Ottawa.
  9. When is clerking most common?

    I am interested in working and articling at a full service firm. Currently, Im in 2nd year. Do a lot of people at full service/Bay st firms clerk? if so, when? would now be the time to apply? Thanks!
  10. Am I supposed to call the firm? Or do I wait? THANKS
  11. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Do all firms follow the 8 am/10 am/ 12 pm/ 2 pm/ 4 pm schedule? or do some firms allow 1 pms?
  12. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Does anyone know if BLG or Dentons will be having dinners and what days? Thanks!
  13. Big firm reputations?

  14. Big firm reputations?

    Not materially no. But I was hoping to get more than 1 opinion.