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  1. This article has a ton of great information regarding this topic. https://corporate.findlaw.com/corporate-governance/the-mid-market.html
  2. Vancouver Articling Recruit 2019-2020

    Heard through a friend (therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy) that McCarthy's and Sangra sent out ITC this morning. Also, Alexander Holburn has started to send out ITC as of this morning.
  3. Calgary Articling Recruit

    I got a call from BLG this morning.
  4. I cannot recommend this enough. All major jumps I had were after taking some time off. So, do not forget to relax a bit.
  5. Restructuring CAN

    Would anyone happen to have a CAN focusing on Restructuring, the school or teacher does not matter. I understand the CCAA is more of a shell, but it would be nice to use it to orientate myself in the area. Currently a student.
  6. 2018 2L Recruitment

    Happen to me to today, but they didn't call, rather they told me once I came into the firm for the interview. I thought things were going well; I was offered the second interview near the end of my first. I do agree I would rather know they were not interested than waste time at the firm. It would have been nice not to have to go down to the firm though.
  7. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Has anyone heard from Lawson?
  8. 2018 AB/BC 2L Recruit

    Vancouver In firms from Labarge Weinstein, MOI, & Cassel Brock. PFO-Clark Wilson. I have heard from friends that they received in-firms from Stikes, Faskens, Alexander Holburn.