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  1. Vancouver Articling Recruit

    Seems high to me considering the gold medallist in my year had a 3.6. I have no experience with the Vancouver articling recruit though FWIW.
  2. 1L "Black Letter" Courses

    I had similar comments. Also one particularly weird, and frankly condescending, comment that my CV seemed to suggest I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was raised by a single mother who worked two jobs waiting tables.
  3. OCI prospects/tips after 1L grades?

    FWIW, your grades aren’t disqualifying, but also not particularly impressive. It’ll depend largely on your interpersonal skills and resume.
  4. Looking for legal advice!!! pls help

    Nobody here can give you legal advice, although it's possible what you’re requesting is legal information. I’ll wait for a mod to make that call.
  5. Should I give up?

    No, it doesn’t. You asked for a single data point... I wouldn’t call 3% incredibly rare. I’d rush out and buy lottery tickets if I had a 3% chance of winning. Sure, highly unlikely but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to try to accomplish unlikely things. I mean, how many 0Ls truly believe they’ll be a big law partner? I’d reckon there’s around a 3% chance of that happening. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t etc etc. Edit: this isn’t a recommendation to the OP one way or the other. I just don’t think the door is shut to law school yet given OPs GPA.
  6. Should I give up?

    Yes. A close friend of mine got in with 144/149/160.
  7. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

  8. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    I get where you’re coming from, and I’m not trying to say “get over it”. I’m saying that it’s unreasonable to accommodate such people to the extent we don’t talk about certain things. Almost all human behaviour/conversational topics could be legitimately traumatizing to somebody who has had a previous related traumatic experience. Fire, a car crash, bad grades, cancer etc. But does that mean we shouldn’t talk about these things? I have very close friends who have lost parents. I distinctly try to avoid talking about moms/dads around these people since I know it may be hurtful. E.g I don’t make a joke about my mom being a... not totally reasonable person. But I don’t think that means that people generally can’t or shouldn’t make similar comments around the same people. It’s not a matter of getting over it, it’s a matter of living with it and dealing with stressors accordingly.
  9. To 1Ls asking for feedback on their grades

    At some point, over-empathizing is coddling. If somebody falls down (literally), you could say: 1) Well, get up and dust yourself off, or 2) I’m so sorry that you fell, I’m sure you're in a lot of pain. I once fell down, it hurt! Somebody should have warned you about that small protusion. Sure, 2) is more emphatic but at some point the person on the floor is going to have to get up. If a law student is scared to ask a question on an anonymous online forum, the issue is the frightened law student and not the douchebag humble-bragging. Don’t be a dick, but also own your own insecurities.
  10. 1L textbooks

    I spent over $700 on brand new textbooks for 1L with my new and shiny line of credit. Don’t be me. There’s an entire class of 2Ls laying in wait to sell you their “lightly used” or “well-loved” editions. I think there’s a Facebook group for buying/selling texts.
  11. Calgary Alumni working in Vancouver?

    I was in the same situation as you. UVIC was my absolute number one choice. I went to U of C and took a job in Calgary. I’m grudgingly happy in Calgary, although I think I’ll return to the coast at some point. U of C does a Vancouver firm hop every year and Vancouver firms do OCIs in Calgary. I know many people who got jobs in BC. I don’t think there is any appreciable difference between U of C and U and A re: Vancouver.
  12. How much does being close matter?

    You’re right, the cost is a big factor and could be a determinative factor for some people. For law students that have ample credit (which I think is many), future them can likely afford the added cost of flights to Vancouver.
  13. How much does being close matter?

    I’m from Vancouver island and went to u of c. When you factor in the ferry, Calgary isn’t that much farther from Vancouver than Victoria.
  14. Residence Question!

    Kijiji and rentfaster. You’re gonna save a lot of money living off-campus! Anywhere along the red line is good because the train goes right to campus. If you’re looking for somewhere close to campus, consider uxbridge/unwin/urquhart streets.
  15. Autism and law school: should I not bother?

    I have nothing meaningful to add to the thoughtful advice above, but I feel compelled to note that you’re a great writer and exceedingly gracious. It’s almost incredible how poorly many law students handle advice and instruction. I think that providence’s advice to be frank and forthcoming is great advice. It provided me with a moment of introspection, and I realized that I’ve often been a dick to “weird” people in the past without even thinking about the challenges they face. I know that I would have been much, much less dickish if they had told me at some point that they had ASD.