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  1. Response Back & Chances?

    Wow that was quite a climb for you, well done on your success with the LSAT! Your L2 and LSAT make me think you have a good shot at Queens. Lakehead is hard to say, but I'd be surprised if you didn't get an offer from them. Osgoode has made more of a switch to the holistic process, so it is nigh impossible to give you an approximation. Same goes for Windsor. I have no information regarding Calgary I am sorry to say this, but Ottawa is a long shot. They are the most GPA centric school, and they look at your CGPA. I do not think you will receive an offer from there, but stranger things have happened. Best of luck to you! I think the reason you've found yourself waiting as long as you have is because your original LSAT and GPA would have indexed you very low in terms of competitiveness. Did you inform the schools you would be rewriting prior to receiving your score, or after? Could also be that you were simply put at the bottom of a very large pile. You got a shot at schools that look past CGPA, so don't stress too hard
  2. ICLP?

    For anyone who may be lurking this thread for information regarding the ICLP: - It will be awarded to 7 students this year - all documents supporting your bid must be submitted by March 1st - Offers for the loan are expected to go out by March 23rd - you DO NOT need to firmly accept in order to receive an offer for the ICLP. However, you must firmly accept to finalize the process - Provided you have not accepted an offer from any other law school, you can still be in consideration for the ICLP provided someone on the original short list rejects their offer - You must provide a lot of documentation. The more you can send to demonstrate financial need, the better - There will be interviews Good luck everyone!
  3. Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    I can't for the life of me remember the exact questions. All I can say is that the question's they'll ask are roughly what you'd expect. The e-mail they send prior to your interview is pretty detailed, and will be a good primer. Interview takes about 30 minutes, and it is with 2 members of the admissions committee.
  4. Queens vs Windsor

    I'll post here rather than in a new thread. Queens vs. Osgoode? Both have opportunity for practical experience in law that I am interested in. Queens is more affordable and has smaller class sizes. Osgoode provides (potentially?) more access to the Toronto legal market were that to become an ambition. Kingston would be an easier transition for me than Toronto. However, were Osgoode to offer use of their ICLP, I'd be hard pressed to decline. Thoughts, feelings, emotions?
  5. Who can i get a letter of reccomendation from?

    It all depends on the school friendo. Some want only academic references. Some like some academic and some non-academic. You should only get a LOR from a professor. It doesn't matter so much what they teach, what matters is if they can write a compelling letter in your favour.
  6. I know on the back of the LSAT there's a section that asks how you prepared for it. Could be the data for that already exists. It really isn't all that surprising to hear that people who scored high with little effort do well in law school. The LSAT (supposedly) measures the skills required to be successful in law school. It would stand to reason that if those skills come naturally to someone, they would do well in law school. I'm not sure I would say that for many people it is an aptitude test that requires little effort to score above 160. Were that the case, 160 wouldn't be 80th+ percentile rank.
  7. It really was an unfortunate blunder, but one I can't get passed. Leaking data and making controversial statements aside, you need only look at the general attitudes of people on this board. Prestige and reputation aren't everything and Windsor will get you a job, I fully agree with that. However, when you see such wide spread bias against Windsor, sometimes from people who are in a position to hire you one day it becomes hard to say "I don't care about what people think of this school". It is an ugly, unfortunate reality that you should care. It really isn't fair that you are judged based on where you went to school, but it happens. It doesn't happen all the time, but if it happens even once to you then it has been a negative drawback. Even if someone says they have no issues with windsor law, I'd be surprised if there wasn't some unconscious bias. And an unconscious bias will sink you just as much as a conscious bias will. It has also been my experience when discussing things, that if the people defending a subject have to state "it isn't as bad as people make it out to be" or some iteration of that statement, there is a good chance that what they're talking about is pretty bad. "It isn't as bad" is not the same as "it isn't bad" after all.
  8. Providence, in this case YOU are the exception, what with your natural aptitude and intelligence. For MOST people, the LSAT is going to be challenging. Difficult may not be the correct word, as pointed out. The LSAT is challenging because, for most people, it is a different way of thinking, or one that isn't explored very often. But it isn't difficult, it can be learned. While a lot of people will find there is a skill ceiling for them with the LSAT, people can rise to its challenge.
  9. Yes, though it doesn't answer all of my questions. I was mostly concerned with the fact that, in one of the threads, someone mentioned a student had accessed the file via mobile device and it wasn't logged. That and while only 36 students accessed the file, how many were with them at the time of doing so? I also requested if I could see the exact information that was shared. While 36 people I have never met were able to have a cursory glance at my file, I myself was not able to. I understand the reasoning for not allowing me to view it, but it still disappointed me that I was directed to the very post you just shared. Given the potential weight and the risks involved with a data leak, you'd think you'd be given more "personalized" reassurances. That and how long it took for them to notify us regarding the leak. I also had a bit of a laugh when I found out on OLSAS that, while student's have an obligation to be honest and truthful with their applications, the schools have an obligation to maintain the privacy of those files. It was a given that our files are to be kept in confidence, but reading it after the fact in the same breathe as the student's obligations was a bit humorous. What really made me angry was the fact that, originally, the nature of the information leaked wasn't addressed. Now, it is stressful enough not knowing what was shared. But I know for myself, and some people on this board as well as people I know personally, our files had private medical documents attached. Thankfully this wasn't the case ultimately, but they could have spared us all a few days of anxiety by just saying what was leaked from the get go.
  10. Questions regarding Law

    I will agree with you that being a well-rounded person is both good for your application and good for your soul. But I will disagree as to the impact having good extra-curriculars (ecs) can have. It all depends on the schools you are applying to. Some are holistic, and it is these schools that will weigh your ecs more significantly. However, having good ecs will NOT save you if your grades suffered because of it. If you have borderline stats and its between you and someone else, your ecs and personal essay may make all the difference. But the name of the game is to not have borderline stats. I am not so much disagreeing with you as I am building on what you're saying, because you are correct. However, if you have to choose between having a 3.7+ cgpa and a 160+ LSAT, and being on every single committee and being involved in student government, the choice is obvious. If a law school sees that you have a million and one ecs and low stats, that may signal to them that you aren't capable of handling the workload. Having better stats is always going to be better than having a lot of ecs. Prioritize those, then find something else that you enjoy to keep you from going mad in academia. Law schools don't so much care about what the ec is (leadership roles are always a bonus though), they more so care that you're passionate about it and can speak about it without sounding like you're repeating a rehearsed sound bite. If you genuinely enjoy ultimate frisbee and played on the campus team every year, list that and talk about it.
  11. Places to Work in Windsor?

    Putting aside the fact that this post was made last summer, OP already is in Law School (and will probably be graduating soon, congratz op!) and is probably looking for work with a firm rather than applying to student jobs
  12. Windsor's reputation was fine right up until the leak a couple months back. The leak itself and their responses to my questions regarding it ruined their reputation for me.
  13. July 2018 LSAT

    Have you tried calling LSAC to find out?
  14. Interview?

    Accepted as of yesterday off the interview. Turnaround for it really is very quick. Good luck to anyone else waiting on interviews