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  1. Current Canadian Law School Rankings??

    Can confirm the RBC tier list is based off average earning power, and the ability of graduates from those schools to pay back their loan. Thus the bank is willing to extend more credit to those more likely to pay it back. Source- I was with RBC before going to Scotia for the superior product
  2. Scotiabank LOC application process experience

    I second this. I went the same route as OP, used a local branch instead of someone from the list (I did however contact them, but felt conducting the process via e-mail would hinder my application). I was fortunate enough that, due to their inexperience processing PSLOCs, they brought in as many people as possible. Throughout the process I had 3 very friendly people helping to process my application, and the turn around was less than a week. OP's situation sounds awful, but Scotiabank's product was really the best offer on the table, especially when compared to RBC's.
  3. Chances? (CGPA 3.83, 159 LSAT)

    Having obsessed over the accepted/rejected threads since December, I can tell you that your current stats as listed are in line with a lot of the people who were accepted to those schools. Barring U of T for obvious reasons.
  4. Accepted to Queen's 2018

    I can understand wanting to be surrounded by similar individuals, but why not treat law school as an experience with new people? As others have pointed out, while the party culture is present it isn't nearly as strong as the reputation makes it out to be. Especially since that reputation is attributed to the undergrads, as aforementioned. Queen's would be an opportunity to meet people you normally wouldn't associate with, and it is my worthless opinion that Queen's is more likely to get you where you want to be than Windsor is. Full disclosure, I do not like Windsor from my own interactions with them. I have had the opportunity to speak with people who have gone there, both the JD and Dual JD programs, and they have warned me against it. Mind you, these are not empirical facts, just the experiences of a few people on the internet.
  5. Proof of Enrolment?

    I tried that, I was told it was too early to generate one and that after June that option would be available. However this was a couple days ago so that may have changed
  6. No co-sign, no hope?

    It is worth mentioning that it was Scotiabank I ended up going with, and would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to finance law school
  7. No co-sign, no hope?

    I'll post an update for anyone who may be reading through these threads for info. I went outside my current bank, which made things a bit more difficult. I was unable to get my report expunged, so there was still a bit of an uphill battle to be fought. To keep this short and sweet, I will post in point form what I did to help my application: - I brought every single offer letter I had. This may not be much help to some applicants, but those with multiple offers can benefit from this. - I compiled a budget and brought that with me as well. - I went with a family member who has been a longstanding member of that bank, not to have them co-sign but to act as a connection so I didn't appear as someone just off the street. - I told them about the blemish on my report, but also took responsibility for it. I am not sure which factors played a bigger part than others. I managed a meeting with the bank manager, the senior advisor for personal and the senior advisor for professional banking. 2 days after the meeting, I was approved for the maximum possible amount (still trying to negotiate prime). I've no doubt I was extremely lucky given the circumstances. Thank you all for the support and information, and I wish anyone reading through these forums the best of luck.
  8. Proof of Enrolment?

    I tried this, however they requested an official document from the school. I gave admissions a call and they sent me a letter within ten minutes to use for the express purpose of securing a LOC.
  9. housing.

    As someone without facebook, what would be a good way to find roommates? I made a post on kijiji but there hasn't been much luck there so far.
  10. Proof of Enrolment?

    Hello all, I'm trying to find proof of enrolment but am not having much luck on SOLUS. I tried contacting admissions but didn't get very far. Does anyone know where I can find it? When I go to verification of enrolment on SOLUS, it indicates that there is no record even though I firm accepted before the deadline.
  11. Response Back & Chances?

    Wow that was quite a climb for you, well done on your success with the LSAT! Your L2 and LSAT make me think you have a good shot at Queens. Lakehead is hard to say, but I'd be surprised if you didn't get an offer from them. Osgoode has made more of a switch to the holistic process, so it is nigh impossible to give you an approximation. Same goes for Windsor. I have no information regarding Calgary I am sorry to say this, but Ottawa is a long shot. They are the most GPA centric school, and they look at your CGPA. I do not think you will receive an offer from there, but stranger things have happened. Best of luck to you! I think the reason you've found yourself waiting as long as you have is because your original LSAT and GPA would have indexed you very low in terms of competitiveness. Did you inform the schools you would be rewriting prior to receiving your score, or after? Could also be that you were simply put at the bottom of a very large pile. You got a shot at schools that look past CGPA, so don't stress too hard
  12. ICLP?

    For anyone who may be lurking this thread for information regarding the ICLP: - It will be awarded to 7 students this year - all documents supporting your bid must be submitted by March 1st - Offers for the loan are expected to go out by March 23rd - you DO NOT need to firmly accept in order to receive an offer for the ICLP. However, you must firmly accept to finalize the process - Provided you have not accepted an offer from any other law school, you can still be in consideration for the ICLP provided someone on the original short list rejects their offer - You must provide a lot of documentation. The more you can send to demonstrate financial need, the better - There will be interviews Good luck everyone!
  13. Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    I can't for the life of me remember the exact questions. All I can say is that the question's they'll ask are roughly what you'd expect. The e-mail they send prior to your interview is pretty detailed, and will be a good primer. Interview takes about 30 minutes, and it is with 2 members of the admissions committee.
  14. Queens vs Windsor

    I'll post here rather than in a new thread. Queens vs. Osgoode? Both have opportunity for practical experience in law that I am interested in. Queens is more affordable and has smaller class sizes. Osgoode provides (potentially?) more access to the Toronto legal market were that to become an ambition. Kingston would be an easier transition for me than Toronto. However, were Osgoode to offer use of their ICLP, I'd be hard pressed to decline. Thoughts, feelings, emotions?