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  1. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    How did you find out about the rejection?
  2. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    Having checked my email, had a hearty chuckle seeing a notification from LinkedIn that there was a job opening for the Executive Director of facility services at Windsor on the 11th.
  3. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    That must have been quite the rollercoaster of emotions. ”an email from Windsor? Must be my - oh my information has been shared publicly.” ”another email? This must be about the brea- oh hey I’m in thanks Windsor!” While I congratulate you for being accepted, I am envious that you got the high of being accepted instead of crashing into the ground with the rest of us
  4. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    It’s been confirmed that every applicant’s file has been breached, so barring admission delays there probably isn’t anyway it could prejudice an application. That being said, I do want to see the exact information of mine shared. If “admit value” is what I think it is, it may just be a means of deciphering my god damn chances of getting in there. although to be frank, potentially arming some less-than-ethical student looking to pay tuition by selling personal information with my personal information isn’t worth the very slight chance that Windsor may shed some light on their admissions process.
  5. Access Category 2018

    I applied under Access, filled out that supplementary form and everything. Went into “under evaluation” on January 4th. Wish I knew how that impacted my application, at this point I’m just refreshing uozone every half hour or so!
  6. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    I have also sent an email requesting to see the entirety of my information that was shared, and an explanation as to what “admit value” means
  7. Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    I am considering asking to see the file, since it contains “admit value”. If 30 random students can see it, I should be able to
  8. Privacy Breach?

    Did anyone else receive an email from Windsor stating that their application was posted publically and viewed by 30 some students?
  9. Accepted to Osgoode Hall 2018

    Queue me searching my email for every school name in case I missed something
  10. Is anyone still Incomplete?

    You can email them, if I remember correctly my file said incomplete but showed the score as well. Everything was also listed as “unsatisfied”. As far as I can tell, that report you see (that shows gpa, lsat and what schools you applied to) is automatically generated by OLSAS, and isn’t actually drawn up by adcom. As your file is reviewed, the file will be updated. For example, once my file switched from pending review to referred, all of the criteria were changed to “yes” but there are still no documents listed. Still no date under “date received” for transcripts. Do send an email if you are so inclined, but from what I can glean it is just how their system works. Best of luck to you
  11. 3.86 cgpa on OLSAS 159 on the December LSAT Also have a college diploma in a related field, 2 academic 1 non reference letters (submitted in that order to OLSAS), some ecs, lay it on me
  12. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    You gotta figure this question was coming - when did you write your LSAT?
  13. Accepted 2018

    Congratulations! If you don't mind my asking, when did you write your LSAT? Do you know when you were referred to the admissions committee?
  14. Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    My stats are similar to yours, how would you rate your ECs? Personal statement? When did you write your LSAT?
  15. Updated Chances? LSAT 160 cGPA 3.72-3.73 L2 3.85-3.93

    Osgoode is pretty holistic, so your stats are in line with them and with your softs I’d say you have a pretty good shot there. Ottawa seems to care more about GPA than anything else, and your LSAT is competitive so you have a good shot there as well. Queens you are above what they consider to be the minimums for being competitive, and with good softs I’d give you a solid chance there as well! I have no idea about Western. Best of luck to you!