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  1. Should I give up?

    @livingonaprayer82 Hey, I think everyone agrees that not studying for the rewrite may not have been the greatest decision but I think you should try to use some books like The LSAT Trainer or Manhattan for LR/RC and 7Sage for LG to understand the theory behind the test. Try to put in genuine effort for some time learning the fundamentals and then try to do another PT. Don't just blindly take tests one after the other without understanding your mistakes from the previous ones because it will just result in wasted tests and no changes in your score. In my opinion, LG is the fastest to improve on and pick up points so try mastering that section first. Then try something called "Blind Review" for LR (it is worth 50% of the test). And because you say you have been doing well on RC, you may not have to put much effort into that section at all. Hope that helps!
  2. Best LSAT prep courses

    7Sage - everything is online.
  3. 2018/2019 Sessional Dates Posted!!

    They just sent out an email with a lot of information!
  4. Hopefully I’m not too late but I highly recommend The LSAT Trainer over PS books. It is also much cheaper (like $50ish)? It contains all three sections in one book as opposed to three different books like PS.
  5. July or September test?

    Everyone here is right. If you are consistently scoring well now, you should take July and keep September as a backup.
  6. Upset with 1L Grades, could use some advice

    Yes, I read that on the MAG website. From what I remember, they get put into a hireback pool where they have an advantage when it comes to getting a position in the government over someone who didn’t summer/article with MAG.
  7. Ask a 1L — 2018 Edition

    What was your favourite course in 1L and why? What was your least favourite course in 1L and why?
  8. Upset with 1L Grades, could use some advice

    Yes, I am asking about Ontario. Thank you both! Also, how is the hireback after articling in the public sector? Do most students return?
  9. Upset with 1L Grades, could use some advice

    Do you think the same applies for people interested in the public sector (e.g., MAG or Legal Aid)?
  10. September LSAT - study plan

    Since you have not started studying yet (I assume), I would highly, highly recommend 7Sage for LG over anything else and LSAT Trainer for LR/RC over PowerScore. I would recommend starting off light (maybe an hour or two a day) and see how you feel. If it seems like it you can do more, then study more. But take your time with the concepts and make sure you understand the material before moving on. And maybe take a day off every week with no LSAT work to avoid burn out. I would not recommend spending like 12-14 hours every day on the LSAT with no break because it will frustrate you. Trust me............... Here is what worked for me: So I fool proofed an entire LG section per day (you can look up fool proofing from 7Sage). After that, which would take approximately 3-4 hours depending on how easy I felt they were, I was alternating between an LR or RC section as my second section for that day AND blind reviewing it that same day (you can look up blind review on 7Sage too).
  11. Simple tips to ace 1L

    Do people get annoyed at that? Do they try to refute your statements, which then results in a mini debate?
  12. Simple tips to ace 1L

    What do you think makes some students "get it" earlier than others?
  13. How to benefit from blind review?

    Check out 7Sage too! IMO, fool proofing LG is the best way to improve LG. It is also a very easy way to get points. JY has posted the explanation to every LG game out there!
  14. How to benefit from blind review?

    @LawyerJustice Alternatively, you can also do most of it in your head if you don’t want to write it down. What I would write down, however, is the takeaways. I remember I had a list of “takeaways” I found in LR questions that I read over a few times just before test day!
  15. How to benefit from blind review?

    @LawyerJustice Good question. To keep this short, I would recommend that you do the following: After every PT/Section, create a document with all the questions you got wrong. Then, in your own words write the conclusion, the evidence, why four of the options were wrong and why one was correct. Lastly, have a mini “takeaway” section where you write what made you get this question wrong and what you can do next time to prevent it from happening. This last step is very important in helping you see what you are doing wrong! Does that help?