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  1. OASIS Information

    Sorry if this has already been asked but when should we expect to hear from Osgoode regarding our OASIS information?
  2. https://www.americanbar.org/news/abanews/aba-news-archives/2017/11/aba_law_school_accre.html I found this on the LSAT Reddit forum today. Do you think such changes will end up impacting how Canadian law schools view admissions in the future as well?
  3. Confirmation of Application

    I am wondering the same thing! Now that we have applied, do we receive notifications/updates via email or on OLSAS?
  4. U of T Vs. Osgoode for Public Sector

    Thank you very much for helping everyone! I really appreciate it. My second question is: Is it approximately equally competitive to get a job in a Ministry’s legal sector as it is to get a job in Big Law/Bay Street?
  5. Hi, I know this topic has been repeated many times, but I am wondering if someone can provide me some help with my question. To keep a long story short: I have worked at a few ministries during the summers of my undergrad and I networked with many lawyers in the legal services branches. This led me to become interested in working as a lawyer in the public sector (particularly in one of the Ministries). Also, I do not intend to work on Bay Street. Based on this information, what are your thoughts when it comes to choosing between U of T Law and Osgoode Hall? Does one school give an advantage over the other? For now, I am leaning more towards Osgoode because of U of T's high tuition. Thank you so much!